Successful businesses all undertake three distinct, intermeshed activities for consistently acquiring clients.   Marketing, prospecting and selling.


Let’s start with marketing.

Marketing has two roles.

One is to attract, inform and educate prospects who know they have an issue they want to solve and are actively looking for a solution.

The second is to raise awareness of your solutions so prospects reach out and contact you.

However, in our experience, many businesses make a major mistake.  Being passive.  Creating content, being all over social media etc., and hoping people will come to them.  Most won’t!

Which is where prospecting comes in.  Prospecting involves directly reaching out to people in your target market and determining if there’s interest in what you have to offer.

Your goal is to qualify or more importantly, disqualify them so you don’t waste valuable time and effort speaking with people who aren’t in a position to buy.

Book qualified prospects into a sales conversation where you delve into their issues, highlight gaps between their current state and aspirations and show them how your solution can help them get there.

Leverage comes from aligning your marketing, prospecting and selling system because your marketing does a lot of the heavy lifting by creating a level of familiarity and positioning you as a credible supplier, which makes the sales process easier as you’ve already built up a level of trust.

Wrapping up.

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