Fast Impact - Focus & Clarity Sessions

As business owners one of your most important tasks is to
work strategically and lead. 

As business owners we want to become more profitable, in less time and have live a better life.

But often we're fighting fires, stressed and unsure of the next steps.

Leadership can be a lonely place.  Maybe you’re struggling to see what your business needs.

There are difficult decisions and you’re torn. 

At times we’re too close to a problem. 

Confused by myriad choices often has we second guessing ourselves, going round in circles rather than making decisions.  In short paralysis by analysis.

Einstein famously said you can’t solve the problem at the level of the problem.  You need to step back and dispassionately look at what’s really happening.  Look for the root cause and then deal with it.

But that’s hard.  We’re often emotionally involved and it’s difficult to be objective.

I recognize that small businesses need support, help and guidance, and they need it now. Too often we’re isolated, on our own, struggling for a path forward, particularly in challenging times.

As a non-involved party, I help you look at  situations from different angles, probing so you get clarity and then conviction as to the best course of action.

These are some of the areas my clients seek advice:

  • Your vision and how you articulate it to your people and clients.  
  • Your 1, 3 and 5 year revenue and profit target
  • Your target market(s) – definition of your ideal clients – who they are, what they want and how you get in front of them
  • Your big rocks – 1 to 7 priorities you need to focus on each quarter
  • Your value proposition. (How do you position and differentiate yourself)
  • Your people – are the right people in the right roles
  • Revenue Models
  • Risk factors (Competition, AI etc.)
  • Scaling - A major concern is balancing cash flow requirements with growth. I help you navigate this pitfall.

How is this delivered?

Option1:  90 Minute Focused Session

Designed to give you clarity and targeted advice on a single issue or challenge.  We'll meet over Zoom and brainstorm to move you from confusion to clarity and confidence in your decision.  Our goal is to have you know what actionable steps you need to take to move forward.

You will also receive 7 days of email follow up where I'll answer specific questions pertaining to the topic.

Investment:  $750 + GST

Option 2: Half Day Focused Session

This is deeper dive into one or more focus areas.

We'll spend up to 4 hours working on your business.  

You will also receive 14 days of email follow up where I'll answer specific questions pertaining to the topics discussed.

Investment: $1,795 + GST

Option 3: Full Day Focused Session

You'll pick one or two areas where we'll work on your business strategy.  

Areas could include:

  • Your core focus and goals for the next 12 to 18 months.
  • Marketing strategies to improve your positioning in your niche area.
  • Dealing with specific sales challenges.
  • Ensuring you have the capability and right resources to effectively deliver.

We'll work on a detailed implementation plan - your big rocks for the year as well as priorities for the next 90 days.  This includes who will be responsible for each major task and scorecards to keep you on track.  As a result you’ll know where to focus with a prioritised 90 day action plan moving forward.

You'll also receive 30 days email and phone follow up.

Investment: $2,995 + GST

For more information and to book in contact Rashid.

Phone: +61 414 913 334 or

As these are intensive sessions, we can only handle limited numbers. So book in early.