Revenue Growth Intensive

Build a Solid Revenue Foundation 
for Your Business

Sales is the lifeblood of business.  

It doesn't matter how great you are at delivery, your financial success intrinsically
depends on your ability to bring in and retain clients.


Buyers today are increasingly sophisticated.

Getting the attention of your prospective clients
is harder than ever before

How do you break through the noise?  Communicate your value, remain authentic without resorting to hype?

How many of these statements resonate with you?

  • Competition is increasing.  It’s getting harder to differentiate, articulate your value and cut through.
  • You're not getting enough quality inbound leads you can have meaningful sales conversations with.
  • You find ‘selling’ distasteful and aren’t confident in your own ability to consistently close business.
  • Buying decisions drag out. Apparently promising deals suddenly evaporate.
  • You’re regularly beaten down on price.
  • Picking up the phone almost paralyses you.  You wish there was an easier way to contact prospects.
  • You have lots of meetings, nice conversations, but they don’t go anywhere.
  • You dislike "virtual meetings" and find selling over Zoom difficult.
  • You want to develop an effective marketing and sales process which helps you attract good prospects and close more business.

Join Us For The Business Growth Intensive

The business growth intensive is a bespoke, comprehensive  B2B client acquisition program where you will learn and implement our proven system for attracting, engaging, converting and retaining profitable clients.

We’ve proven our system over 20 years with clients in professional consulting and coaching, manufacturing, healthcare and construction.

What you'll implement...

You will implement our uniquely integrated system which combines Marketing, Prospecting and Selling focusing on your buyers.

Like tumblers on a safe, each component must perfectly align to create predictable revenue by giving you leverage, shortening sales cycles and closing more profitable deals. 

Marketing's role is to attract, engage and nurture prospects who either recognise they have an issue and are looking for a solution, or to raise awareness as to what you offer.

Marketing supports your prospecting and sales efforts because it positions you as the credible supplier of choice.  It attracts, engages, educates and nurtures prospects.  Marketing directly targets the top 3% of Buyers looking for solution because they are likely do their own research and be 60-70% down decision path before engaging with a vendor.

Prospecting involves directly reaching out to people in your target and determining if there’s interest in what you have to offer.

The goal is to find out if they have an issue and start a conversation – nothing more.

With prospecting you want to qualify/disqualify as fast as possible - only spend time with people who are highly likely to buy. Old clients, existing clients, new people are in your target market.

Sales is where the rubber hits the road.

Selling is the most important activity you can undertake because no money comes in unless someone buys.  Sales involves moving prospects who have expressed interest to creating desire and gaining commitment to buy.

What our Program covers

  • Drill down into your value proposition. 
    We buy to solve problems and achieve aspirations. You'll articulate what your clients really want - in terms of both tangible and emotional outcomes allowing you to effectively communicate your value proposition in terms your prospects resonate with.
  • Pinpoint your ideal clients
    You can't be everything to everyone.  Niching down and identifying your ideal prospects allows you to narrow cast your message to them in a way which has them favourably respond.  
  • Articulate your Uniqueness
    You are an unique combination of your Experience, Expertise and Essence (as a person or organisation).  You'll formulate and express this differentiating you from your competitors.
  • Authority Positioning
    Using content marketing you'll be positioned as the authority in your space so prospects recognise your capabilities, experience and depth of knowledge and reach out to you.
  • Create Visual Models:  Creating visual models can significantly enhance your sales process by simplifying complex ideas, engaging buyers more effectively, and making your solution more memorable.

    These models provide clarity on why buyers should choose your solution, helping them understand its benefits and unique features. By using visuals, you can differentiate your offering from competitors, persuade buyers of its value, and streamline the buying process.

    Ultimately, visual models can be a powerful tool in your sales and marketing arsenal, improving your ability to communicate with and convert prospects.
  • Build and maintain a solid pipeline of qualified prospects.
    There are 2 types of prospects in your market. Those that are actively looking for a solution and those that aren’t. The latter pool is significantly larger and could be interested if they were alerted to the issues they’re facing and positive results from working with you. We’ll cover how to identify and reach out to prospects to generate interest, qualify and start engaging with them in impactful sales conversations which lead to more deals.
  • Frame & Lead Sales Conversations. 
    People buy from people.  Your prospects are looking to you for leadership.  They want to know who you are as a person as well as your expertise and experience.  That you can bring ideas to the table, find solutions to their problems and give sound advice. They must trust in your capability to deliver on your promises. Your role is to help your prospects fully understand their issues, the impact of not solving them and what results they’d get if did.  Then lead them to a buying decision.
  • Deal with Multiple Stakeholders. 
    Most buying decisions involve multiple stakeholders and influencers. We’ll work on how you network to identify each (obvious and sometimes hidden stakeholders), navigate the buyer’s organisation and negotiate with each individual to ensure you understand their agendas which either progress or could kill the sale.
  • Objection Handling & Negotiation. 
    Objections generally arise because value hasn’t been established or a prospect is unclear about some aspect of your solution.  You’ll identify common “objections” and pre-frame these as part of your conversation. You’ll also practice how to find out the real cause of an objection and handle it.
  • How to handle demonstrations and trials
    Most demonstrations and trials are unfocused.  You’ll learn to drill down and focus on exactly what your prospects are interested in so that the sale moves forward.
  • How to write & deliver effective proposals
    Sent off a proposal and then heard "crickets"? We'll cover exactly how to first write and then present proposals the right way (it's not what you think).
  • Pricing Negotiation.
    How to confidently state your price and negotiate without giving away the farm and destroying your profit margin.
  • Virtual Selling Skills.
    Virtual selling is here to stay. While many buyers will go back into the office – they’ll do so less frequently and will want to spend less time meeting vendors face to face. We’ll cover how to become adept at effectively handling virtual sales meetings.
  • Develop referral partners
    High quality referrals are one of the best ways to bring in clients.  Using a structured process you’ll foster a referral partner network that will provide qualified leads.
  • Risk Reversal
    One of the biggest barriers to a sale is risk. You'll craft a guarantee so your clients perceive no risk when purchasing.

As a result...


You’ll have a strong, clear value proposition that cuts through, getting the attention of your ideal clients.


Due to your authority positioning at the top of your market, clients will sell themselves on wanting to work with you, without quibbling about price.


You’ll feel confident in your ability to sell your services.  Having great conversations where there’s an exchange of value.  So when you present a solution, your prospects readily buy into it.


The majority of your sales meetings will lead to new, profitable business.


If you employ sales people, they’ll be the right ones who have the ability to hit sales targets.


You know you’ll hit your growth and profit objectives.

The Business Growth Intensive Program is best suited to:

  • Partners of Professional Services Firms 
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Business Owners & Leaders of small to mid-sized organisations, $500,000 million to $10 million in revenue with 5 to 100 employees.

You are forward thinking, growth oriented, willing to change and be vulnerable as in being open minded, willing to admit weaknesses and willing to face reality.

Because every client is unique and faces different priorities, our program is tailored to your specific circumstances.

We start by diagnosing where your most pressing issues are.  Those that if you quickly solve will give you the best bang for buck.

Only then can we prescribe solutions.

We work in an advisory capacity as facilitators, consultants and coaches as appropriate.

Lasting change takes time.  After the foundational 12 week period you have the option to continue to work with us.

Our clients typically engage us on a retainer basis for a minimum of one year. Many of our clients have continued for years as they’ve experienced value and results from our joint efforts.

Here’s a small sample of results our clients have achieved

"Rashid, you're killing us. In a good way.  We've now got so much work on we're fully booked and we need you to turn the tap off!

We're experienced business owners having run a multi-million dollar business.

However having started a new operation in the same industry, we knew we needed marketing and sales help to build up the business.

Over the period of a year Rashid & Barbara set up a complete marketing and sales funnel which delivers 3 to 4 good quality leads per day.  Some of these leads are worth 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars to us over their lifetime. Dylan Huges, MD

"Kemppi Welding Australia became the second most profitable subsidiary worldwide after Rashid & Barbara helped us improve our selling skills. In addition we experienced our highest ever monthly sales results after they trained our staff for National Manufacturing Week."  Chris Oke, MD

"Rashid & Barbara completely redesigned the way we market and sell our services.

By providing the foundational marketing and selling skills, our clients fully understand the value we bring to the table and are happy to pay our fees.

Our client numbers keep increasing and we’ve grown exponentially as a result."  Victor Kumar, MD

"Rashid & Barbara have extensive experience in marketing and selling complex, high value products and services. 

Their marketing methodology engenders trust via a softly, softly, non-intrusive approach which provides valuable and relevant content for prospects and clients allowing them to buy when they’re ready.

If you’re looking to accelerate your business growth I highly recommend you speak to Rashid and Barbara."  John Corrigan

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If you’re ready to implement a predictable system to generate more revenue and profit, let’s talk.

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