Are you meeting your sales targets? 

Predictable cash flow is the cornerstone of every successful business. But in the current economic climate, many a business is finding cash flow is anything but predictable.

It’s harder to get attention, engage and convert prospects into long-term clients. Meaning profitability is down.

Buying decisions are stretching out (if they’re being made at all).

You want stable (preferably growing) revenue. Which means creating and maintaining sales momentum.

But if you’re finding yourself in a sea of competitors, how can you stand out, build trust and attract the right clients into the fold?

Join me for a workshop where we’ll cover how to:

  • Use visual models to understand client aspirations.
  • Discover what clients truly value and why they buy. (It may not be what you think.)
  • Position yourself as a premium supplier to attract clients avoiding price haggling.
  • Develop relevant messaging by pinpointing problems you solve and outcomes you deliver.
  • Transition from transactional sales to long-term business by building client loyalty.
  • Implement Push & Pull Strategies to keep your sales pipeline full of profitable clients.

When & Where:

Date: Tuesday, 16th July 2024
Time: 9am – 10am AEST
Location: Zoom