What our clients say

Frank Cappellari and Bruno Schiavetti - Phase Pacific

Phase Pacific provides Test, Security, and Automation solutions for Networks and Applications.  We provided sales coaching/mentoring to them to help them move into new markets.

In this video owners Frank Cappellari and Bruno Schiavetti expand on working with us and the results they achieved...

Michael Bellstedt - Minus 40 Enginers

Michael Bellstedt is one of Australia's leading Refrigeration Engineers.   We provided business advisory as well as sales & marketing advice.

Amit Jain - Broadcast Digital

Amit Jain is the owner of Broadcast Digital and Broadcast SEO.  Amit and Rinshu (wife and co-owner) engaged us to help them scale their operation.

In this video Amit expands on some of his results...


John Baird of Revio Cyber Security offers a wide range of security consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help protect your business. 


Ramzi Kattan owns Embedded Logic Solutions which supplies a diverse range of technical solutions for PCB and other high end electronic equipment including 3D printers.  Their clients are predominantly Universities, Laboratories and Government organisations.


Alan Paul from Sourceit provides marketing procurement technology which enables their clients to reduce costs and become more productive and efficient in how they go to market and source their suppliers


Alex provides sophisticated software and consulting in workforce management space.  His clients are enterprise level and Government where there are large projects where personnel usage needs to be optimized.


Michael owns IQ Gecko - a data and technology s/w provider who works primarily with multi location and franchise groups to provide amongst other things, loyal programs.

Punit Patel - Owns 5 Optus Shops spread around Sydney

I knew for some time that my business needed to be turned into a sustainable and profitable business. The challenge was that I didn’t quite knew how to go about achieving this.

In this video Punit expands on some of his results...

The light bulb moment came, when during one of the Mastermind sessions, the concept of the accountability chart was discussed and explained. I then realised that this is a strategy I needed to implement if I wanted my business to become more efficient.

The structure allowed me delegate to my staff without abrogating ultimate responsibility. This helped me free up time to work on the business rather than in the business, become more strategic.

I have been able to allocate clear tasks to my staff, giving them a structure within which they had clearly laid out authority, responsibility and outcomes.

Before applying and implementing this accountability structure, I had a list of phone calls to attend to longer than my arm. Now all my phone calls are done by 4.00pm.

This makes me really happy and proud. I can now look after myself much better and play tennis in the evening, something I have been trying to achieve for years.

Also my staff feels empowered and more engaged because of the responsibilities and authority they’ve been given. They really have stepped up. This didn’t happen overnight, however of the duration of 6 weeks with a bit of support and good will, the result is very satisfying for everyone. I must admit I’d never thought that allowing my staff to become more accountable would have such a massive impact on improving culture, achieving goals and increased sales

I’ve always known that a customer centric business model was the best way to build and grow. But I haven't had a mechanism to implement this until Rashid & Barbara explained the Value Gap Analysis model they'd created.

I can very clearly see how this will improve the relationship between me and my clients

The best outcome from the time spent is our overall sales results have significantly improved to the point where Optus management wants to use us as a model for other partners.

A big thank you to Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter of Revealed Resources, in sharing their knowledge and experience so generously. You definitely have provided value well above and beyond what I’d expected.


“Rashid and Barbara challenged my thinking and opened my mind to new ways of approaching client acquisition. I can whole heartedly say that this was time well spent and I have learned a lot to use in my marketing and sales.  I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to improve their skills in winning and retaining clients.” 


"Your program has 'Claws' - attending gave me traction and specific actions that I can take to reboot my business.  

The material and tools Rashid & Barbara share, combined with their unique personal experience accumulated over two decades makes for a well thought out boot camp series that any professional services firm would benefit from.  In addition the collaborative discussions with other participants provided positive outcomes for all" 


“Your program gave me really good strategies and processes to connect better and more deeply with our clients. It also taught me new ways on how to get a clearer and more concise message out into the market place.”  


“I have a background in recruitment, outplacing, coaching and a degree in psychology, not business.  This program opened my eyes to what I need to do and gave me a process I can follow to get my acquisition system into gear, and my offers out into the market place.”  

Mark Baker - Managing Director, SonarTech Defence Systems

Mark Baker discusses the benefits of our Mastermind program.

Rajeev Pamnani - Co Managing Director, Pamnani 

Rajeev Pamnani co-owns 5 Indian food court takeaway establishments situated in major shopping centres in the Sydney metropolitan and Hunter Valley areas.

Gerard Barwell - Managing Director, Silverdrop Payroll & HR

Gerard Barwell runs a very successful software consultancy business in the payroll and HR services space.  He joined our mastermind program as he wanted to raise his growth profile and profits.

Alexey Prokopenko - Managing Director, Kite Union

Alexey Prokopenko runs a successful software development organisation with employees in Australia, Russia and Armenia.  

Dr Jonathan Phan - Managing Director, Nuvo Health

I co-own 9 medical centres across the Sydney Metropolitan area, working with over 50 doctors.

Rapid growth requires a mindset shift.  More structure,  better delegation, controls and communication both internally and with our patients is critical.

The sessions on accountability and devolving responsibility as well as how to put the right people into the right roles were invaluable.  We're on the way to implementing a culture of accountability where everyone has KPIs.

As the mastermind has members from a very wide variety of businesses who are experiencing similar issues, there's a lot of cross pollination of ideas.  This combined with the facilitators' experience has been extremely beneficial.

Attending the mastermind  helped me to look at my business from different perspectives  and takes me out of the daily grind, which makes me a better bushiness owner, employer and medical doctor.

Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter of Revealed Resources are very good at what they do. Their two decades of experience shines through and is invaluable.

This is a fantastic program and I would recommend it to any mid-sized business owner who wants to grow.  I’ve recommended it to a number of business owners.  Every one of them have loved it and found it very valuable.

As far as I’m concerned this is time very well spent.

Gleuto Serafim - Managing Director, Ixonn Group

Gleuto Serafim owns a number of multinational businesses.  This is his take on attending our mastermind sessions.

Nikolay Bondarenko - Kite Union

I’ve found these mastermind session incredibly valuable. They opened my eyes to a number of things such as different hiring styles including the red team theory and more.

Building credibility for the company and its staff members by displaying certificates, diplomas etc. helps the clients understand how much knowledge and experience they have access to by working with an organisation like ours.

During the course of the mastermind sessions we implemented internal accountability processes and a client relationship process with a great deal of success.

The knowledge and experience of the group is one of the biggest asset of the event.

The level of dedication, knowledge, professionalism and time Rashid and Barbara have put into running these sessions is remarkable. The value they provide is outstanding.

Richard Mo - Managing Director, AYAM Australia & New Zealand

I believe continuous learning is one of the most important things in order to be successful in life and business.

Attending these mastermind sessions provided insights and ways to improve business efficiency.

The sessions on improving employee performance were invaluable. I now have a methodology for determining the right person for the role, while ensuring they fit into the workplace culture especially as we're expanding.

Our clients are major supermarkets and food retailers. Knowing where they perceive value (or not) is critical. I used the Value Gap Analysis methodology both internally with my staff as well as with clients to find out where we could improve.

I would like to thank Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter of Revealed Resources for sharing their extensive experience and knowledge.

Peter McCrindle - MD- Morling College

Peter McCrindle is the MD of Morling College - A Baptist theological college in Macquarie Park, New South Wales.

Ken McInnes - Managing Director, Heraeus Kulzer Australia

When we engaged Rashid & Barbara we were turning over $3M a year. We’re well past the $11.5 million mark now and business is going well.

Rashid & Barbara – Thanks for your help in achieving this milestone. I know the time we spent together was definitely the turning point for the company.

Chris Oke - Managing Director, Kemppi Australia

Kemppi Welding Australia became the second most profitable subsidiary worldwide after Rashid & Barbara helped us improve our selling skills. In addition we experienced our highest ever monthly sales results after they trained our staff for National Manufacturing Week 2010.

Dylan Hughes - Managing Director, Dragon Fire Services

"Rashid, you're killing us. In a good way.  We've now got so much work on we're fully booked and we need you to turn the tap off.

We're experienced business owners having run a multi-million dollar business.

However having started a new operation in the same industry, we knew we needed marketing and sales help to build up the business.

Over the period of a year Rashid & Barbara set up a complete marketing and sales funnel which delivers 3 to 4 good quality leads per day.  Some of these leads are worth 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars to us over their lifetime.

John Corrigan - Group8 Education, Australia

Over the course of 18 months, Rashid Kotwal & Barbara Sauter imparted significant marketing and sales knowledge which has helped me bring on new clients.

Rashid & Barbara have extensive experience in marketing and selling complex, high value products and services. Rashid has a talent for explaining complex products and services in a manner that is easy to read and comprehend.

He designed a complete lead nurturing system including a comprehensive white paper and follow up material which allows me to reach out to clients, keep in contact and streamline the selling process.

The implementation included a new website and marketing CRM which allows full automation from initial enquiry to ongoing follow up.

Their marketing methodology engenders trust via a softly, softly, non-intrusive approach which provides valuable and relevant content for prospects and clients allowing them to buy when they’re ready.

I’m a firm believer that we all can learn anything we like if we put our minds and the time to it. However often it is more economical to engage people, who’ve got the knowledge and the experience to get it done faster.

If you’re looking to accelerate your business growth I highly recommend you speak to Rashid and Barbara.

Victor Kumar - Managing Director, Right Property Group

Rashid & Barbara completely redesigned the way we market and sell our services.

By providing the foundational marketing and selling skills, our clients fully understand the value we bring to the table and are happy to pay our fees.

Fees which increased from $3,300 per property located in 2010 to the current $11,110 in 2021.

Our client numbers keep increasing and we’ve grown exponentially as a result.

Nadish Naoroji - Managing Director, Pixel Perfect ProLab, Australia

You brought about a sea change in the company’s thinking!

Rashid has consulted to Pixel Perfect for over a year and brought about a sea change in the company’s thinking. The positive effects continue to flow many years later. If you are considering working with Rashid in any capacity you can be assured of a 110% effort coupled with integrity & ethics. In other words, you just can’t lose!

Mark Lewin CFP - Markson Financial Planning

I admire their genuine interest in my business!

From the beginning of 2009 we started working with Barbara & Rashid from Revealed Resources with the hope of improving our marketing prowess. And looking back I’m thoroughly delighted at the progress we have made. Barbara & Rashid have significantly improved our focus & motivation to ensure that our marketing activities are well planned, diverse and conducted in a professional manner.

With their assistance we have created DVDs, referral systems, a web site strategy and vibrant client presentations which have all formed part of our documented marketing plan. As a team they have a wealth of new ideas to grow our business & we will definitely continue working with them. Most of all I have admired their genuine interest in improving my small business.

Wayne Goodrich - National Sales Manager, Perenso, Sydney

Software is our forte, marketing isn’t.

And while we have around 50% share of the Sales Force Automation System market for Pharma in Australia, we wanted to penetrate the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry with a new version of our product.

Our software system forms an integral part of an organisation’s operations and is not a choice made lightly. As such organisations must trust that we can deliver both now and into the future.

Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter from Revealed Resources, showed us how testimonials and case studies are an ideal technique to overcome resistance and develop trust in our market.

And they didn’t stop there. They actually worked with us to interview our clients (on video) and create testimonials and case studies which were then used in our outgoing marketing material as well as our web-site.

In addition, they created a multi-touch, multi-sequence, multi-media methodology that specifically targets our prospects and brings them into the sales funnel… A combination of marketing material which includes a White Paper specifically targeted at National Sales Managers, Video Interviews and Case Studies with customers, a Multi-Media Sales Presentation and Follow Up Material.

But most importantly, Rashid and Barbara helped us focus on what was important. They provided an excellent sounding board when it came to marketing and business development advice.

Together they provide a rare combination of both strategic and practical advice. Advice that is bringing us new business as we speak.

Lindsay Merritt - Chairman, Pixel Perfect ProLab, Australia

“Our competitors have fallen by the wayside…”

Revealed Resources was retained by us (Pixel Perfect ProLab) when we realised that we knew almost nothing about branding, marketing or gaining clients.

“Selling”, that ugly word which can have connotations of forcing something onto someone who doesn’t really want your product. Rashid and Barbara workshopped us, nagged us and gently guided us into allowing people to come to their own conclusions about whether we were a good fit for our customers or not. Selling by NOT selling. How to read body language, how to phrase questions which allowed people to discover what they already knew, that we could service them better. Do it once and do it right was the mantra and that saves everyone time and money.

We lacked the courage of our convictions until Rashid insisted that we place our money where our mouth was. If we were that good why not offer 110% Money back colour guarantee?

We implemented that guarantee with trepidation, believing that some unscrupulous clients could be making outrageous claims and earning 10% for their trouble. Not once in 7 years has anyone made a claim and we proudly proclaim that offer at the banner of our home page.

We were a new business struggling to find footing in a crowded market (albeit a market producing generally poor to ordinary colour at the time). At this point in time (October 2009) we stand strongly with our competitors falling by the wayside, many have gone in the last few years.

We have to thank our own determination to succeed (and desperation) but it could not have been possible without Revealed Resources. Determination alone is not enough if your basics are poorly defined and goals and strategies are not realistic and achievable.

We’re basically tech heads. Us folk are normally not good dealing with people. Barbara and Rashid set us on the path to success by training all of us how to be more “human” and deal with our clients as “humans”. We care about them, they care about us and this is as a result of the state of mind imparted to us by Revealed Resources.

John McWhorter - Helping Hands – Professional Handyman Service

I once thought I was in the handyman business.

Some people might feel ashamed to be one of Rashid’s case studies, especially when things aren’t going as well as they might.

Sometimes it’s hard to be totally honest when I get the “So how’s it going?” call from Rashid. Because there’s always something needing improvement. When I get that sensation, I remember that despite being in business for a few years now, I’m still on the steep end of the learning curve.

Fortunately, I’ve had Barbara and Rashid accompany me along the way as I encounter the normal growing pains of any business. After years of working for others, I took the training I had and went out on my own. And that’s when it started to get real.

It’s certainly been real fun. And sometimes it has certainly been a real pain. But when I talk to the experts, these two ALWAYS have simple and straightforward tactics and strategies to use to sort things out. They’re never vague. After we talk, I know exactly what they mean and exactly what I need to do.

I can tell they’ve been there, done that, had the experience and are now sharing their wisdom with me.

I once thought I was in the handyman business, but Barbara and Rashid have helped me understand I am in the customer satisfaction business. And that even though I have a great product, I need to educate my customers so they realise what they are receiving. And while great service is critical for customer retention, if I don’t have the presentation and sales skills, I’m going nowhere.

My business has grown with their help and I am personally more satisfied at work. It’s one thing to have a great product and service, but my relationships with clients are better than ever and that makes life so much easier.

Even the greatest athletes have coaches and as I learn to improve my performance, I’m glad to have Barbara and Rashid in my corner.

Howard Amoils - Storeforce Solutions

I am delighted and very pleased to have chosen Rashid Kotwal, Revealed Resources Sydney, to be my sales and growth coach.

It simply is amazing what I’ve been able to achieve, and the difference it’s made so far. I had never thought this possible.

I’m looking a lot more closely as to what it is I’m doing re my sales process - prospecting and sales conversations.   This has resulted in increased productivity.

I now create “my ideal week” colour coded to the different tasks, e.g. meetings, budget, finance reviews, etc., that I want to get done. This adds a healthy not too tight a structure to my life and prevents a hap hazard approach.

I speak to Rashid on a weekly basis, for about 30 minutes at a time, to make sure I keep on track. This is ideal because it doesn’t take too much time out of my busy life. The regularity of these calls, however, is important and hugely beneficial.

Rashid is great to work with, he’s generous with his, time, knowledge and experience, especially in the areas of marketing and selling. He keeps me on the straight and narrow, in the nicest possible way.

If you’re ready to improve your business or career, give Rashid a call and see if he’s the right person to help you grow and improve. He certainly is the right choice for me.

Ruth Chambers - Intouch Marketing, Sydney

I walked away with an increased sense of confidence in my own ability.

It’s a bit ironic really. I’ve spent most of my working life in the marketing departments of companies. When I decided to start my own business, marketing my services and programs was one of the areas I struggled with.

It just such a different ball game to market and sell your own services and programs – there are hurdles to overcome that I’ve never thought existed.

In the 2nd half of 2014, I realised that I needed someone to help me to improve my sales skills and help me get rid of some of my limiting beliefs around selling.

I’m glad I engaged Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter of Revealed Resources in Sydney.

Over the 3 months they taught me a great deal and I walked away with a swag full of new tools, new ways of using “old tools”, and most importantly with an increased sense of self confidence and enthusiasm.

There’s a long list of things I’m taking away which already impacted positively on me and my business – here’s a list of the major ones:

Sales process – in the past, when sitting down with a prospect, I felt insecure because I had no previous sales experience. Rashid taught me a simple and very effective 7 step sales process that works a treat. This process helps me prepare before sitting down with a prospect. It ensures that I ask the right questions in the right order. I feel calm and in control and I can listen to the prospect without having to worry about forgetting something.

Mindset – realising which beliefs and past experiences are holding me back from growing my business is invaluable. I had never considered before how valuable and important my previous career really is when it comes to helping my clients market themselves.

Accountability– Rashid is really good at following up. I call him my “cattle prod”. At times it was really challenging to know that I had promised to get something done by a certain date. However, because he’s got this uncanny ability to break tasks down into small and doable chunks, he helped me to achieve a great deal more than I thought possible. Procrastination just wasn’t an option anymore.

I loved working with Rashid and Barbara. During the sessions is their attention 100% on the client. There’s no doubt in my mind that they truly have their clients’ interest at heart.

Their vast knowledge covers business growth strategies in the area of sales, marketing and mindset, to psychology, interpersonal skills, writing skills, and so much more.

Last but not least, both Rashid and Barbara are “real” people with a great deal of experience. They understand that building a business is hard work and frustrating at times – they’ve been there themselves. It is their personalities combined with their knowledge, toughness and 100% commitment towards their clients that is so important and valuable for me.

Declan Barnett- Entrepreneur, Sunshine Coast, Australia

The consulting delivered by Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter, of Revealed Resources in Sydney’, delivers a lot of clarity, content and value. I highly recommend spending the time and money. I can’t wait to be doing more consulting with them. If you’re thinking of getting a consultancy firm into help you create a path for your business, call Rashid, you won’t regret it.

David Cavanagh - Internet Coach, Thailand

Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter from Revealed Resources are ultra-professional. I don’t give endorsements lightly but these two know what they’re talking about. Traffic to a website or a heap of enquiries are great, however ultimately everything in business comes down to increasing sales. Don’t try to invent the wheels, it’s too costly. I strongly suggest you give them a call if you want to boost your sales.

Ron Lee - Corporate Ninja, Sydney

Great advice – thank you!

Rashid Kotwal, Revealed Resources in Sydney, is not only a marketing strategist and tactician; he’s an individual who’s more than happy to share his experience and knowledge with his peers. Just tonight, he gave me some fabulous and easy to implement ideas that help me convert corporate clients into long term clients. I’m truly grateful for his advice and generosity.

Damian Noonan - Vitecomm Solutions

Rashid Kotwal from Revealed Resources has provided and empowered me with a completely new concept of planning and viewing my business. His ability to listen, probe, assess and reassess my direction is like peeling the layers of an onion. In our last session, Rashid and his partner Barbara Sauter removed a blockage, (one that has existed all my life), that had prevented me from planning my future effectively.

Unlike traditional coaches, Rashid does not set homework, focus on goals and then chide me for not achieving them. Working with Rashid, I have realised that I am responsible for myself and my success. Rashid and Barbara are facilitators and champion me on with my quest.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rashid and Barbara as professionals you should at least take the time to meet, as who knows where you may end up

Steve Brossman - Marketing Specialist and Entrepreneur

He’s made a difference to me and my business

If you get the opportunity to work with Rashid Kotwal of Revealed Resources in Sydney, grab it with both hands. He’s helped me greatly; his mentoring skills are second to none. He’s been able to capture my goals and passion because of the strategies and direction Rashid’s given me, the money is flowing in. Rashid is quietly spoken and dynamic of thoughts; he’ll make a difference to you and your business, just like he’s made a difference to me and my business. 

Terry and Prue Barridge - Communications Coaches, Melbourne, Australia

Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter, Revealed Resources, are a fantastic team to work with, they’ve helped us transform an idea into a real business. They’re easy to work with, their guidance and follow up is fantastic. They’re not only excellent business builders but solid relationship builders too. We recommend them highly.

Adam Halen - Corporate Network, Sydney

I learned a new method & approach to the whole thought process of sales…….not just my way of thinking but being in the clients mind at the same time.

If you’re interested in seeing how you can simply gain that competitive advantage, multiply your prospect list & increase your prospect to client ratio then have Rashid Kotwal & Barbara Sauter coach you!

Come in with an open mind & the information you hear, see & feel will blow your existing thoughts away. The best part is putting Rashid’s methods into practice. It’s actually a whole lot of fun & so simple to implement in your everyday life.

Thank you Rashid & Barbara for your life-changing information.

David Hulme & Brigitte Banziger - Banziger + Hulme Fine Art Consultants

This is an absolute winner for us!

We’d been trying to get a client to come into the gallery and buy a painting, but she was being elusive. On Monday, after talking to her on the phone, I used what I’d learned from you to motivate her to come in that evening. She did, and proceeded to buy an $1,800 painting!

She’s ecstatic with her purchase and thinks we’re the ‘bees knees’. I then sold two more paintings worth $3,800!

Brigitte sold $700 worth of silk on Monday which is fantastic.

Both of us have gained heaps of ideas and by putting them into action immediately are already seeing and experiencing massive results.

The idea Barbara gave us for increasing our client base blew my mind and I know that it’s going to be an absolute winner for us.

Thank you both for sharing your knowledge, and above all for being so open and transparent.”

Lili Mustakov - The Institute of Quantum Unity, Sydney

I now know who my ideal client is!

I have a successful business that works with organisations and their people to create team working “AS A TEAM ”, and even though I do what I do very well, there were some things missing for me in the area of marketing and keeping it simple, yet effective.

I learned the art of:

Positioning of my business and being very clear on what it is that I do, as well as what problem am I solving for the client.

Being very clear on my client profile, (I want them all, see the problem?) Clearly defining the client has helped me save time by knowing which clients are the most valuable to target.

This also helped in calculating the net worth of my clients.

Packaging and using powerful words which is something that I am aware of and this was a great reminder on what your marketing statement needs to accomplish.

These were some of the many things and more that I got from the workshop and I recommend that you take the opportunity to register for this simple hands on approach to your business.

Brian Becker

They said I would never work in the industry again!

After a traumatic event in my business, I suffered reactive depression that sent me off work for 9 months. For the next 4 years, I was counselled by a psychiatrist on a weekly basis, while being on anti-depressant medication.

“After a traumatic event in my business, I suffered reactive depression that sent me off work for 9 months. For the next 4 years, I was counselled by a psychiatrist on a weekly basis, while being on anti-depressant medication.

In terminating the business arrangement with my supplier, I was advised that it would be unlikely and definitely inappropriate for me to work in the industry again, and that according to the definition in DSM IV, I was essentially suffering from a post traumatic stress disorder.

Four years after the event, I met Rashid and we did a two-hour session, and subsequent to that session, the feeling of anxiety, anger and all the other associated emotions including depression have not been experienced.

In the past, if I thought about the events, I would have become quite upset and re-lived the trauma, and would immediately head for my bedroom and go to sleep, sometimes all day. Now, while I can think about the events, it is at a distance, and the emotional attachment has disappeared.

In May 2001, I made a comfortable, conscious decision to return to the industry and have embarked on industry study qualifications to do so.

To date, revisiting all the case studies and exposure to the industry background, laws and functionality, I’ve experienced no negative emotions. To the contrary, I am enthused about the future, and actively contemplate working in the industry past normal retirement age – 25 years ahead.

I would highly recommend a consultation with Rashid to see what he can do for you.

Julie Edwards

It’s absolute bliss to be able to go and achieve what I’ve always wanted to do!

I met Rashid with my partner, whom Rashid had offered to help overcome embarrassment in certain situations. Having significantly helped him to reduce his fear of embarrassment, I put my hand up for some help. I was attending a course, and feeling overwhelmed and stressed at the amount of new information being bombarded at me. Although I have a history of being an exceptional student, I was feeling scared of not getting it all quick enough. (A perfectionist who desperately wanted to work on some personal issues and grow; but was so fearful of making a mistake that my brain was full of worry rather than space to learn). I also had a major issue with risk taking, which manifested itself as a huge knot in my stomach, which would paralyse me.

Within 20 minutes Rashid had taken the HUGE knot out of my stomach and transferred it to my little finger! Wow! Sounds weird but it works! My little finger vibrated all day to remind me that I was taking some risks, but it has NOT ONCE, since that morning, held me back from taking risks. And I have been enjoying making mistakes and really learning and growing ever since then! No knot in my stomach, and no longer reticent to do something I really wanted to do! It’s absolute bliss to be able to go and achieve what I’ve always wanted to do – to be me, to have a go, to play, and more importantly to have permission to not always have to get it right the first time. A feeling of freedom! Of course, this allows me to grow much, much faster because by having a go, I make mistakes and learn!

Thank you Rashid – I coach business people regularly, have a good understanding of attitude and behaviour change, and I’ve had affirmations about growing by making mistakes and thus learning for the last 5 years, but never really got there. You helped me get there in 20 minutes!

I have continued to share and learn from Rashid. I find him a true Master at his work. He quietly and confidently helps you to achieve your goals. He listens well, and quickly understands your needs. He is exceptionally good at questioning your beliefs and values, and manages to do so in a non-threatening way.

He is an intelligent operator and does not just practice basics in the standard way. Rather, as a true Master, he adapts, flexes, and innovates to create a strategy that will best help you arrive at your destination in the shortest possible time. As all true Masters he does his work quietly and confidently without the need to brag or ask for recognition in return for your growth.

I would urge ANYONE seriously wanting sustained growth, and wanting it NOW! (sound familiar?) – in their business endeavours or personal growth – to invite Rashid to work with them. I know your growth will excite and energise you to move to your next level, as it is doing for me now!

THANK YOU again Rashid!

David Irwin, MA. Grad Dip Couns, BD(Hons), AMAPS, MCAPA, MCCA, MAPC, SAPE
Registered Psychologist

This changed my self-perception dramatically for the good

“I met Rashid at an NLP training in which he was with a group of people assisting a well-known overseas trainer.

I found Rashid very pleasant and easy to get to know in the first place. At one point he was observing a group of which I was a part, and with penetrating thoughtfulness, gentleness and perceptiveness, he made a comment which enlightened the whole group about what was happening, and which changed my self-perception dramatically for the good.

It was a wonderful moment of insight, an ‘aha’ experience which has validated my personality and learning style in a wonderful way.

Up until that moment, I think I had always just thought I was dumb. Then I understood I was different in the way I took information in, and there was nothing wrong with that.

Others in the group, one in particular had the same experience, and it just blew her away, as her style of learning is similar to mine.