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Retain More High Quality Clients

Are you losing business because you don’t know how to get in front of more good quality prospects?

There’s nothing more frustrating than doing really great work, yet not being able to get the word out to those you could help most.

The problem is endemic in small business firms.

It sounds like this… “I close most of the qualified prospects I get in front of.  I just don’t get in front of enough of them.”

You wonder how you can achieve a steady flow of high quality prospects, ready to do business with you.  People who are convinced you are the right choice.

You’ve tried a number of different strategies with very little to show for your effort.  Advertising has been an expensive hit and miss.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to network, you find it a grind and it never seems to produce the results you need to grow to the next level.

Ready for an entirely new approach?

Start by downloading our comprehensive guide to Attracting and Retaining High Value Clients.  In it we outline 10 proven business growth strategies our clients have used to significantly grow.

When You’re Ready to Attract More of YOUR IDEAL Clients…

It’s time to implement a clear and practical process to generate high quality leads, move them down the sales funnel and close more business with less effort.

We enable you to implement effective marketing and sales systems which bring in targeted and qualified prospects.  A system which works pretty much on autopilot.

Our marketing and sales approach works because it is based on fundamental, timeless communication, education and persuasion principles coupled with the best use of technology.

We don’t resort to the latest gimmicky tactics, hype or fads. Our sole aim is to help you consistently generate more attention and interest from the right kinds of high value clients.

Our client base includes Professional Service, Manufacturing and Construction firms who target both B2B and B2C markets.

Working with different markets, we understand that one size does not fit all.  Therefore we use appropriate combinations of off-line and on-line marketing and sales strategies to optimise deal flow.

You can delve deeper into our business building programs on this site. You’ll find lots of free material including educational videos. You’ll also find case studies and testimonials of clients who’ve achieved significant results in a remarkably short timeframe.

How can we help you?

Accelerated Business Growth

You want a comprehensive, integrated business, marketing & sales strategy and implementation program which will ensure continued growth.

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Two Heads Consulting

Designed for short, sharp interventions, Two Heads Consulting will help you get clarity in direction and action, so you get results quickly.

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Improve Sales Conversion

Sales is where the rubber hits the road.  You want to improve your sales conversion rate knowing this will give you the most growth leverage.

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