Are you the best kept secret in your market because you can’t attract enough of your ideal clients?

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Are you ready to attract more of your ideal clients?
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Have you ever thought, “I’m really good at what I do, but I can’t seem to get in front of enough good prospects”?

It’s a curse suffered by many small businesses who stay “the best kept secret” because they can’t get the word out effectively to attract their ideal clients.

For many, marketing and selling just doesn’t come naturally.  And may even be an anathema to you.  After all, you just want to do good work rather than begin bothered with marketing.

It’s not your fault.  You’ve studied hard to get where you’re at.  You may have been told, “Just do great work and the clients will come.”  But you realise that delivery and building a business are very different.

You’ve dipped your toes into marketing.  You’ve scoured the internet looking for “secrets” and been tempted with the “instant success” stuff that is peddled out there.  Maybe even engaged high priced consultants and agencies to help.  But been frustrated at the lack of results.

You’re at a point where it’s grow or die. But you don’t know who to turn to for help.

John, when he came to us a few years ago was in exactly ​this position.  Passionate about improving the quality of education in Australia, John wanted to help senior high school leadership teams improve their students’ learning outcomes.  But he had no real idea on how to attract them and sell this program.

Working together we morphed John’s single year $23,000 flagship program into a three year program worth $75,000.  Between that and spinning off auxiliary programs, John attracted a significant number of private schools into his business.

If you’re like John, these are some of the issues you could be facing:

As an established SME you’re good at what you do, getting results for your clients.
As an established SME you’re good at what you do, getting results for your clients.
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    You’re confused as to how to market your business more efficiently.  You keep getting approached  by consultants or agencies promoting Facebook, Google Adwords, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Cold Calling… the list goes on. 
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    You’ve tried a number of these tactics, but been disappointed and frustrated with the results.  You’re looking for a way to cut through and get the attention of your ideal client, but find yourself being pulling in directions which simply don’t produce any ROI.
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    Your sales team can’t seem to close business.  They constantly take the easy option of “servicing clients” rather than actually selling.  Often it’s a case of a square peg in a round hole, but you can’t figure out what to do about it.
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    Your market is shifting.  What worked last year isn’t any more.  Advertising is getting exorbitantly expensive as more and more competitors come into your market.  You’re looking for your USP (uniqueness) and a way to differentiate yourself so prospects (and clients) can no longer do an apples to apples comparison and treat you as a commodity, beating your price down.
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    You simply don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to figure all this out yourself, and recognise you’re too close to the problem.

Our ​task is to simplify all this.  Cutting through the Gordian Knot, we focus on 4 things which will consistently generate new long term, highly profitable busines

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    ​​​Get your message in front of more qualified prospects.
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    ​Increase sales conversions.
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    ​​Sell more products to your existing customers on the back end.
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    ​​Implement the right technology to support your marketing and sales efforts

Our approach is decidedly different, and it’s not for everyone.

If you’re new here, we recommend you start with downloading our free comprehensive “Guide to Attracting and Retaining High Value Clients.” In it we outline 10 proven business growth strategies our clients have used to significantly grow.

How ​we can help your business grow

​​Business ​Coaching

​​Marketing Coaching is designed for short, sharp interventions, ​helping you get clarity in direction and action, so you get results quickly.


​You want a comprehensive, integrated business, marketing & sales ​implementation program which will ensure continued growth.

Improve Sales Conversion

​​​You want to improve your sales conversion rate knowing this will give you the most growth leverage.

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