• Business Coaches, consultants, enablers & implementation partners – what’s the difference?

    Business Coaching concentrates on developing the person.  Traditionally coaches believe you have all the answers and resources within you and it’s their job to bring these out.  It’s not their job to give advice, tell you what to do or help you implement solutions.

    One could say, “All care but no real responsibility for your success”.

    Consultants provide expert knowledge in specific fields, usually for discrete projects.  You hand over whatever it is you want done and the consultant does it.

    Why this is a broken model…

    Having worked with hundreds of clients we realised that coaching by itself was a broken model.  Our clients wanted solutions.  “Just tell me what to do” was a common refrain.

    However, over the years we learned that just telling people what to do wasn’t enough though.

    Knowing and doing were two completely different things.

    We became “enablers”.

    Meaning we coach, consult and then enable our clients to put in place the strategies we agree on.  i.e. We implement marketing and sales systems for you, allowing you to get on with what you do best, run your business.

  • Who can we help best?

    We work best with small to medium sized organisations who have a great product or service, but are struggling to grow at the rate they’d like.  They share the following characteristics.

    • They are time strapped and have very little time to actively marketing themselves.
    • Are willing to invest money to build the business and maintain it.
    • Need additional resources to get things done that are outside their expertise.
    • Marketing and sales are often not their greatest strengths which negatively impacts on business stability and stifles growth.
    • Want to get on with what they are good at and are happy to outsource the rest.
    • Are committed to doing what it takes to grow the business.
  • Why do we do what we do?

    We get a real buzz helping people grow their organisations.  There’s nothing quite like experiencing the joy on clients’ faces when their marketing bears fruit and they meet their personal goals.  I admit we do sometimes live vicariously through your success.

  • Do you service a particular geographic area?

    While we’re located in Sydney, Australia, the majority of our clients are all over Australia and a few worldwide.

    We work in a combination of face to face and use Skype or Zoom video conferencing where appropriate.

  • What’s the average engagement length?

    While we always strive for quick wins, implementing complex marketing and sales systems takes time, discipline and consistent effort.

    Experience shows that clients achieve the best results when working with us for between 6 to 18 months.  Some of our clients have been with us for years.