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Our clients span a huge range of industries. These are a small selection of success stories

John Walker of RetireInvest Circular Quay is a Certified Financial Planner in Sydney. 

Financial planning is a very broad field.

We realised John had significant specialised knowledge in the Aged Care field.  And as Australia has an ageing population, a significant proportion who’ll eventually need some form of aged care, we decided to position John as an expert specialist in this area.

Our marketing and sales strategy focused on building up partner relationships with organisations including Uniting Care Australia and Probus Clubs (retired business owners).

We created marketing collateral including a new website, White Paper and Case Studies detailing some of the issues that could be faced, and how John could help navigate and project manage the process. We implemented a new website as well as newsletters to keep in regular contact with his audience.

This marketing collateral forms the basis of John’s lead generation system and is given to prospective clients, referral sources (so they can give it away), listed on his website, handed out at seminars etc.

John and now his son Chris Walker continue to build their business on these solid foundations.

Kemppi Australia is a local subsidiary of a major European Welding Machine manufacturer

Kemppi’s sales team consisted on competent trades people with very little sales experience.  They were great at customer support, but did not have the ability to “sell”.

Our initial engagement with Managing Director, Chris Oke was to help improve sales performance which we did via sales training and coaching.

Subsequently we helped Chris develop a trade show strategy ensuring a good ROI from National Manufacturing trade shows they attended.

Chris wanted to target higher value clients including Defence.  We worked with Chris and his leadership team for 12 months on leadership, sales and overall business strategy.

Key Results

As a result, Kemppi achieved a number of milestones.

  • Due to their trade show promotions they had the highest monthly revenue in their 10 year Australian history.
  • They became the second most profitable subsidiary worldwide behind Germany.

The Right Property Group is a leading Investment Property Buyer’s Agency who specialise in buying properties for their clients at wholesale prices.

They came to us because they wanted to grow their client base while significantly increasing prices per property sourced.

However they struggled with articulating clearly and concisely what value they provided and why clients should choose them over other buyer’s agents.

Key Results

Through redesigning their marketing and sales structure, including raising prices by over 200%, the Right Property Group have become one of the most successful Property Investment consultancy groups in Australia

Heraeus Kulzer Australia is a subsidiary of an European Dental Manufacturer

Managing Director Ken McInnes had inherited an underperforming sales team. Internal processes and structures were clunky leading to significant inefficiencies. Finding and keeping professional management and sales people was proving difficult.

Key Results

We worked with Ken to take his business from a $3M per year turnover to $11.5M.

Dragon Fire Services specialises in Commercial & Strata fire protection in Sydney.

Fire Protection is extremely competitive. Many of the players undercut on price to win jobs. Dragon recognised they needed to stand apart and win jobs based on their expertise and experience, not price.

Key Results

Within the initial 12 month period, business revenue has grown by 50%. At this stage Dragon are at capacity. We will continue working with them to improve their systems first, then ramp up their marketing to consistently bring in higher value clients.

Pixel Perfect Pro Lab

5 of Australia’s most highly awarded professional photographers weren’t happy with the quality of digital prints they received from print shops.  So they decided to open their own… Pixel Perfect Labs.

They invested heavily in equipment and colour management (printing accurate colours) and charged top end prices.

But for years they struggled trying to convince prospects to buy.  Photographers simply did not understand why they should come to Pixel when they could go down the road for a far cheaper price.

Key Results

Working with us over a period of years, Pixel became one of the premier professional photographic labs in Australia.  Most of their competitors have gone to the wall while Pixel still continues to grow strongly.

Perenso - Sales Force Automation Software Provider

Founded in 1994, over 50% of the leading pharmaceutical supply organisations in Australia  rely on the Perenso sales force automation system to run their sales teams more efficiently.

Perenso came to us as they wanted to expand into the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market – one where they had no track record.

Perenso gets paid by the “seat” and wanted to expand by 2 to 3 thousand seats within 2 years.

The issues:

  • Perenso was known in Pharma but not in the wider FMCG market.  So they’d be going in cold.
  • Didn't really know how to succinctly articulate the marketing and sales message for FMCG.
  • Knew they needed to target National Sales Directors but did not have contacts in these organisations and didn't know how to find the right people.
  • Didn't want to blow their chance by not having the message right.
  • Didn't have effective marketing material.
  • Couldn't articulate their story – why should they buy from you?
  • Complex sales process involving long lead times and experienced sales people

Marketing Objectives:

  • Get their profile out into the FMCG market.
  • Create a Marketing & Sales Lead System that does the heavy lifting for them – i.e. engage the prospect’s interest BEFORE the sales call.
  • Create a sense of familiarity before sales calls – making it easier to get a foot in the door
  • Pull Marketing – Have prospects initiate contact with them rather than Perenso chasing them.

What we did:

  • Helped Perenso focus on what was important. We provided strategic marketing advice and a sounding board to ensure Perenso had the best chance of succeeding in a competitive marketplace.

  • Clarified their sales message in terms of real world benefits
    • Increasing productivity
    • saving money
    • saving time
    • Reducing or redeploying staff
    • Saving paper
  • Created a multi-touch, multi-sequence, multi-media methodology that specifically targets prospects and brings them into the sales funnel… A combination of marketing material which included:
    • A White Paper titled -  “How The Perenso Sales Force Automation Solution Can Help You Meet Your Business Goals, Reduce Your Costs And Manage Your Field Force Effectively.”

      Aimed squarely at senior management, the white paper detailed the benefits of using the Perenso system to manage a medium to large sales force.

    • A power point presentation explaining the uses and benefits of the system.  The presentation could be used as part of an initial sales call, left with a prospect after the call or even downloaded from the web once a prospect had expressed initial interest in the software.

    • Case Studies and Testimonials

      Social proof is vital in any sales process.  We interviewed National Sales Managers of current clients about how they used the Perenso system and the results they achieved.

      The case studies and testimonials were captured on video (some up to 30 minutes long).  Each case study demonstrated real world production increases and cost savings.

The Results

Off the back of this, Perenso formed a joint venture with one of the USA’s largest FMCG providers and have gone from strength to strength.

Optima Solutions merchandise protection systems

Optima Solutions sells merchandise protection systems to retailers in Australia. 

They also have a range of physical security products that stop people stealing desktop and laptop computers. 

John, the Managing Director, had decided to take out a booth at the Cebit Technology Show in Sydney. 

Cebit has over 700+ exhibitors and attracts thousands of attendees every year and was an ideal opportunity for Optima to display its wares. 

A major issue with a large exhibition is theft. With thousands of people streaming past every day, stuff walks! So if you don’t want to have to constantly keep one eye on your laptops while talking with prospects, some form of physical security is useful. 

Key Results

John sold a large number of devices right there and then.  John subsequently used a follow up letter we created to target show users that yielded even more results. 

But more importantly, he created a major buzz around his product and got loads of good publicity.