You’re the leader of an organisation. You typically turnover from $250,000 to $30,000,000 per year.

Your business provides consultancy and professional services in areas including financial services, accountancy, law, technology or architecture. You may manufacture high end complex machinery for domestic or export markets. Or provide commercial construction services.

You are technically at the top of your field. You have grown organically and now want to accelerate your growth – both in your current market as well as striking out in new directions to diversify into new areas.

However you find yourself facing some of these scenarios:

  • Competition is getting fiercer. Prospects don’t perceive the value you bring to the table. Therefore you find yourself being perceived as a commodity and competing on price.
  • Prospects don’t understand exactly what it is you can do for them. You have trouble explaining the nuances and value of complex products and services clearly, briefly and without jargon. You want to elevate yourself out of the “me too” brigade and become the authority in your field, commanding premium prices.
  • Leads are drying up. You realise you need a turn-key marketing and sales system to attract, convert and retain quality clients, but you don’t know where to start. Some of you may have marketing knowledge, but simply don’t have time/personnel required to implement a lead generation system.
  • Your consultants and sales people aren’t meeting targets and immediately need to improve their performance. You don’t have the time to work with them either collectively or one on one. You want help implementing sales training, coaching and management systems to consistently improve results.
  • You have issues retaining clients for the long term. Many buy once and never come back so you lose out on long term profits. You want to implement a customer retention strategy but don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve successfully grown your business to this level. However you recognise you lack the key leadership and knowledge capabilities required to get you to the next one. You want a trustworthy, objective external coach/mentor who provides guidance and a sounding board to ensure both your personal and your company’s success.
  • You recognise engaging an external specialist will give you leverage.

Who is most likely to succeed with our approach to business growth?

Our clients span over 40 different industries and have certain characteristics in common.

  • You are committed to being the best at what you do.  You are determined to make your business work and will ethically do whatever it takes to move forward.
  • You are willing to get out of your comfort zone and try out new ideas and behaviours. Willing to invest in yourself and your business, knowing it's the best investment of all.  You realise that if you want different results, you need to start doing things differently.  And you are ready to make that change.
  • You accept there’s no magic wand. Lasting change takes time and effort. There are no shortcuts and are willing to make difficult decisions where appropriate.
  • You know that growing a business takes investments up front and that rewards are reaped later.  That there’s no such thing as an “overnight” success and you don’t get blinded by the lure of instant gratification.

If these fit you as well, you are likely someone we can help grow.