Fractional GM Service

Could engaging a Fractional General Manager
unlock your potential?

Frustrated by the lack of progress in your business? Struggling to balance technical excellence with the demands of running your company? Find it challenging to set a clear strategy for growth, resolve people issues, and manage priorities effectively?

I’ve seen this issue play out countless times over decades working with SME Owners in over 50 industries.

As owners have repeatedly told me, “I’m an expert in my area.  I love production.  But running a successful business is far more complex.  Leading people, sales and managing operations are very different skill sets.  It’s hard to do each well and things fall through cracks.  Important projects don’t get started, let alone completed.”

As an experienced Fractional General Manager, I come in on a part-time basis and bring a wealth of business acumen and experience leading to higher productivity, revenue and profitability.  All without having to commit to a full-time hire.

I’ll help you focus on the big picture, while ensuring that day-to-day operations run smoothly.  We’ll identify opportunities for growth, optimize your operations, and build a high-performing team.

You can free up your time and energy to focus on the areas of the business where you are most needed.

What results can you expect?

In my world every business should be self-sustaining and a vehicle to provide you with financial and emotional wellbeing.

Which means your business should be able to run independently of you.  Giving you one or more choices:

1. Stay working in the business – doing what you love.

2. Have it run as a cash cow independently of you

3. Sell for a premium price

My role is to help you achieve this in the shortest time possible.

When we engaged Rashid we were turning over $3M a year. We’re well past the $11.5 million mark now and business is going well.

Thanks for your help in achieving this milestone. I know the time we spent together was definitely the turning point for the company. Ken McInnes

These are some areas I work on with you:

Stabilize and Grow Your Business: 

By developing a clear strategy and growth plan you’ll boost your business's performance.

Focus on What Matters:   

With my expert guidance, you can stay production focused while I tackle essential business management aspects.


Develop yourself, nurture your people, and optimize your business for success.  Ensure your team is aligned and pulling in the same direction. 


Leverage your resources effectively to accomplish more with fewer constraints.

Sales Excellence: 

Enhance revenue and profitability through strategic sales initiatives.
Streamlining your marketing and sales systems to ensure you meet your growth targets.

Project Initiatives:  

I’ll take the lead on initiating and managing projects, so you can concentrate on your core strengths.

Delivery Excellence: 

Systems reduce costly mistakes, rework and client dissatisfaction.  We’ll determine the critical systems and critical path processes that must be systemized and documented.

Codify Your IP: 

Systems codify your IP reducing key person risk.  You’ll know you can slot a new person into the role with minimal disruption.

Work-Life Balance: 

Many of my clients want to regain control of their lives.  Have the business work for them rather than they for the business.  Reduce stress and enjoy the ability to take well-deserved breaks while knowing your business continues to run smoothly.

Why Engage me?

My expertise is identifying the things preventing you from making the impact you want and fixing them!

As a seasoned business advisor, mentor, and facilitator, I specialize in empowering you and your senior leadership team to achieve your objectives in strategy, leadership, sales, and sustainable growth.

I'll support you strategically and emotionally through the difficult decisions that don’t come naturally, that you shy away from, because like tearing off a band aid those decisions have got to be made.

A key strength as a facilitator is my ability to spot patterns and challenge conventional thinking, enabling you to find innovative solutions. I draw upon my superpower of pattern recognition, honed through extensive studies in psychology, NLP, and various modalities, to unlock insights that serve your goals and identify patterns that may be hindering your success.

How we work together:

The Fractional General Manager role is a highly focused part-time role designed to be a strategic and tactical extra pair of hands helping you get the things that matter, done.

The service is designed to be flexible and cost effective - a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Interested?  Let’s have a confidential conversation and we’ll determine if this is a good fit for you and your business.

 Contact me on 0414 913 334 or email:

Putting in structure allowed me to delegate and free myself up to work on the business. My staff feel empowered and more engaged because of the responsibilities and authority they’ve been given. I must admit I’d never thought that allowing my staff to become more accountable would have such a massive impact on improving culture, achieving goals and increased sales.

The best outcome from the time spent with Rashid is our overall sales results have significantly improved to the point where Optus management wants to use us as a model for other partners.  Punit Patel, Optus.