Do you intimately understand the problems your clients actually care about?  The ones they would happily pay money to solve and make the required effort to do so.

My name is Rashid Kotwal.

There’s a fundamental axiom in sales which goes like this.  People buy solutions to problems.  Ergo, no problem equals no sale.

It doesn’t matter how schmick your solution is.  How much you love it.  It means diddly squat unless your prospective market first recognizes they have a problem and then decides your solution would fix it.  And are willing to pay the price.

Back in the mid 1980’s I was involved in the inaugural Entrepreneur’s Workshop, a national competition whereby we found a product and took it to market.

We were a bunch of young    engineers so found a chap who’d invented a device to join sheet metal pieces together.  I can still vividly picture this heavy piece of machinery driven by hydraulics, attached to a mini crane, it was that heavy and unwieldy.

Even back then knowing nothing about marketing, I wondered why anyone would want this thing.  What problem was it really solving that traditional methods of joining metal wouldn’t?

But the inventor was in love with his product and nothing would sway him from trying to take it to market.

Suffice to say this whole thing went nowhere.  It was a salutary lesson.

Value is in the eye of the beholder – your clients.  And unless you can clearly articulate it in terms they understand, no sale.

So if you’re not making the sales you think you should be, ask yourself two questions.

Is your solution actually solving a problem your prospects care about and are you clearly articulating the value in your message to them.

If you’re unsure about either or both questions, give me a hoy.  I’ll work with you to answer the first question by getting feedback from your market and then put together a coherent message which cuts through and attracts interest.  And then help you hone your sales process to ensure you actually close deals.

Contact me at to get started.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.



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