Google gets searched over 5.5 Billion times per day!  And every search is typed in by a person with an itch they want to scratch.  i.e. They have a problem they want a solution to.

So, want to get attention from more of your ideal clients, fast?  Talk problems.  Theirs!

We all think about the problems we’re facing and if they’re serious enough, the impact/consequences of solving/not solving them.

So if you want to grab their attention you have to meet them right where they are now.  Talk about the problem that’s driving them nuts.  One that you have a solution to.

Then make sure you educate them as to the consequences of leaving the problems to fester.  Consequences they know about and ones they may not.  Dig deep.

Only then talk about outcomes and your value proposition.  One that promotes specific, preferably tangible outcomes that you bring to the table.

Quick Aside: Go to any sales training or marketing 101 and you’ll be told to focus on features/benefits.  Poppycock!  No one goes around thinking about features and benefits until they figure they have a problem.

Be specific.

Don’t use motherhood statements like quality, reliability, professionalism, customer service.

Don’t say things like:

“Ours is the most technologically advanced system on the market.”

“Our system was voted best of breed in our class.”

“We improve leadership capacity in organisations.”

“We do sales training.”

Boring! And meaningless. It doesn’t differentiate you from your competition. And as a buyer, I’d see no reason to take action.

So what should you do instead?

Create a pitch which strongly articulates the outcomes and value your clients will receive when working with you.

Include as many tangible benefits as possible. Intangibles are fine too. Just realise most people won’t be swayed by them.

Here some examples we created for our clients:

A Financial Planner – “I work with clients preparing to go into aged care minimise their Bond and Daily Care Fees, while maximising their benefits from Centrelink, potentially saving themselves thousands of dollars a year.”

An Investment Property Buyer – “In buying property you make your money on the way in. We help our clients find, negotiate and settle on undervalued property – so they make money right from the start. On average we secure property at $15,000 – $20,000 below market value – so you get an immediate return on your capital investment which continues to grow long term.”

A construction company – “We guarantee your project will come in at the cost we quote, on time and with exceptional build quality that will last.”

A Digital Photographic Lab whose clients are professional photographers who spend huge amounts of time in post-production and just want their lives back!

“We guarantee your physical prints will exactly match your captured images with no additional work on your part or 110% of your money back.”

Tell a story like this one from a software developer.

“Our program manages car parking spaces and just saved a client over $37,000 in Fringe Benefits Tax which is seven times the initial $5K investment. Another client had a 30x ROI. They invested $40K to save $1.2M per year.”

Now that’s a great value proposition.

Being more specific and detailing tangible benefits wherever possible gets attention and encourages your prospects to ask for more information.

It has another side benefit too.

A strong, tangible value proposition helps you value your own product or services more. It builds self-confidence. You can pick up the phone, or write to a prospect knowing that you do add value and should at least be given a hearing.

Now, some of you might be stuck coming up with your value proposition. Often we’re just too close to what we do and minimise the value.

The best solution? Ask your clients.

Call them up and ask what value you provide. What are the benefits? What did you help them avoid (pain) or gain (desire)?

You might be surprised at what they come up with.

Some of you might be embarrassed to make the call. Don’t be.  Just get out there and do it.

And finally, you might wonder what our own value statement is.

“Businesses that work with us have increased revenue and profit by 200% to 300% within 2 to 3 years. They attract higher value clients who spend over 300% more per transaction and stay longer.

Real examples include the property buyer above who went from charging $3,000 to $9,900 per transaction and actually increased their deal flow.

Or the leadership coach who increased his fees from $23,000 to $75,000 and now locks clients into a 3 year deal with no pushback from new prospects.”

We’ve just released a brand new Business Mentoring program which will give you the confidence and courage to step out and grow your business.  You can read full details at

If what we say resonates with you, call Rashid on 0414-913-334 and schedule a preliminary session with us where we’ll confidentially discuss your situation and where you’d like to get to.

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