A couple of nights ago, Barbara and I were watching “Strictly Ballroom” – the classic Ugly Duckling story of the young “beginner” dancer convincing a ball room champion to take her on as his partner.

A recurring theme really stuck a chord – “A life lived in fear is a life half lived”.

Put another way, if you’re not willing to stand up, stand out and take a stand you risk living a life of regret.

Obviously the movie has a happy ending 😊

So how does this relate back to our own lives and what we want to achieve in 2023…

Life happens. The circumstances will be what they are. It’s how we respond that matters. We can act as a victim or take charge. Shape our own destiny.

Having said that none of us can work in isolation. We all stand on the shoulders of others.

To help you, our community, Barbara and I have a number of programs designed to help make your business better.

One is our Business Round Table and Mastermind series where we come together as business leaders to discuss issues and get input from the group.

We conduct these on a monthly basis and participants always find they get valuable insights that directly help with their businesses.

If you’d like to attend (it’s free), drop me a note.


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