29 10, 2019

Do you control your business, or does it control you?

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As a business leader, do you control your business, or does it control you? Not sure?  Take these scenarios. As the captain, you’ve clearly articulated your vision and have a strategic road [...]

28 08, 2019

Test, tweak & refine – your keys to success

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Smart business leaders understand two principles summed up in these two sentiments. “No plan survives first contact with the enemy” and “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. In business much is made [...]

16 05, 2019

Why are you in business? What’s your ultimate outcome?

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Why did you get into business in the first place?  What did you aspire to? If it was to eventually get time, money and lifestyle freedom, are you on track?  If not, [...]

7 05, 2019

The bedrock principle underlying all profitability

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Traffic, conversion and economics are the bedrock principles underlying all business profitability. Traffic is the number of prospects you see. Conversion is the percentage of prospects who become clients. Economics is how [...]

23 04, 2019

Fighting fires? How to determine what’s really important

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Over 20 years coaching business leaders we’ve observed most spend their time fighting fires, handling urgent (and often unimportant) tasks rather than focusing on what brings in the money. In short, running [...]

16 04, 2019

Do you really know what your clients value about your product?

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When working with clients we stress that value is in the eye of the beholder. Meaning that what you think is important and what your customer thinks is important are often not [...]

28 03, 2019

Why getting client feedback is vital

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As a business leader when was the last time you asked your clients for feedback on how you’re going?  What they’re happy with?  Unhappy with?  Where you could improve? Be honest.  This [...]

27 03, 2019

Moving from technician to business owner

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In over 18 years consulting we’ve worked with two broad types of clients.  See which type you fall into. The first are professional consultants who essentially just want to consult.  They’re technicians [...]

4 03, 2019

Why your business vision without a realistic strategy is just imagination

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When working with clients we spend significant time working on their mindset and vision.  Why they’re in business and what they want to achieve.  Not just for themselves, but their employees and [...]

15 01, 2019

Why an “Accountability Chart” is the bedrock of successful businesses

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“I’m REALLY frustrated!  Everything seems to sit on my shoulders.  My staff don’t take responsibility, stuff doesn’t get done on time, mistakes happen.  I’m working very long hours.   I’m tearing my hair [...]

28 08, 2018

Which of these strategic mistakes are you making in your business?

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In our experience many professional consultants make three strategic mistakes that stunt their growth. Thinking you can provide value to “everyone” in your broad market. You can’t. Not narrowing down the issues [...]

21 06, 2017

Are you providing what your clients REALLY want?

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Want more business?  I’m willing to bet there’s stuff right beneath your nose if only you took the trouble to ask the right questions of the right people. Start with your current [...]

12 12, 2016

Doing what matters – The big rock principle

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Are you familiar with Steven Covey’s principle of putting big rocks first? i.e. Filling a large jar with rocks and sand? How you need to put in the big rocks first, then [...]

28 08, 2016

Is growing what you really want? Be careful what you wish for…

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In a number of recent conversations with clients I’ve been reminded of old adage, “Be careful what you wish for. You may get it and find it’s not what you really wanted”. [...]

26 11, 2015

A common focus trap. Are you falling into it?

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There is a principle that is critical to your success in your career and/or business. Not apply it correctly and consistently and you’re likely to be doomed to mediocrity while running around [...]

26 10, 2015

Want more referrals? Do this.

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How would you feel if you went out of your way for someone and got no acknowledgement? Or you gave a present and got no thank you? Chances are you’d wonder about [...]