I spent many years in one of the toughest sales environments on the planet. Amway.important or excuse

And over the time, met just about every type of person, from those who signed up, made a real go and got results, to those who quit when the going (as it inevitably did) got tough.

The experience taught me a tremendous amount about myself and human nature in general.

In our marketing & selling consultancy I’ve come to realise every successful business owner exhibits the same traits that made people in network marketing successful.

While this is by no means the definitive list, here’s my take.

It’s who you are, not what you do. Do you have a big heart? Are you truly there to help other people succeed or do you only take action because of what’s in it for you?

You have to have a vision. Something that drives you. Notice I didn’t say goals. While goals are important – they’re just milestones along the way. A vision is something bigger – maybe bigger than you can achieve in your lifetime.

Will you do the work? There is no free lunch. Everything takes work and trust me, the bigger the vision, the harder you’ll need to work. But remember, you can be smart and leverage your time and effort.

Will you quit at the first obstacle or rejection? The only way you can grow any business is to sell. I remember one chap, a senior corporate executive in a very nice home on the North Shore of Sydney who started out really enthusiastically. But that evaporated at the first sign of rejection when making calls to “show people the plan”. And to add insult to injury, he then suggested his wife do the hard yards! Leaders lead by example. Don’t ask someone to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.

Are you teachable and coachable? This is a biggie. Unless you’re willing to expand by getting out of your comfort zone, learn and try out new ways of thinking and operating, you’ll fail. If your attitude is, “Yes, but…”, or “That’ll never work here…”, forget it.

I’ve seen this recently with business owners who haven’t realised the old sales, “dial 100 people a day” mentality simply doesn’t work anymore.

The way marketing and selling is done has irrevocably changed since the advent of the Web.

And finally, will you invest in yourself, even when you don’t have the money?

One client recently said to me, “Rashid, we can’t afford you anymore”. Another said, “I don’t have the money, but I know I need your help so will do whatever I can to continue.” Who do you think will succeed in the long term? This is not about me and what I can help with – it’s about their attitude that they’ll do whatever it takes.

Ultimately, success or failure is an inside job. Every one of us is capable of changing and improving. But you have to want to.

So if you’re not happy with your life and/or your business, rather than looking outwards, first look at yourself. Ask “Who do I need to become…” then take the steps required.

Barbara & Rashid.

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