Did you know that most sales are won or lost at the unconscious level?  Often before you as the salesperson even walk in the door.

I know, that sounds way out there, but bear with me.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept that people buy on emotion and justify their decisions with logic.  While that’s true, there are two things that have an even bigger impact.

Your intent and the frames you create.

Let’s start with intent.

Is your intent one that I’ll just have a nice conversation with the prospect and see where it goes?  Or do you go in truly believing that you can be of service and your prospect would be mad not to listen and buy?

It’s a quiet confidence, not arrogance.

Which brings me to the subject of frames.

The person who sets the frame controls the agenda.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  How your prospect perceives you is vitally important.

Are they in control or you?  All this happens within seconds on an unconscious level and makes all the difference to whether they take you seriously or not.

Once a frame is set in someone’s mind it’s very hard to change.

Salespeople operate in one of two frames.  Neediness, being the supplicant or being the person who has the solution to your prospect’s desires.

Neediness is the killer of sales.  It turns advantages into defeat.

Here are a couple of examples in sales situations.

You’ll hear the salesperson saying, sure I’ll wait as long as you need me to.  Don’t worry, take your time, I’ll be here.

Or I’ll be happy to send me more samples, information, etc.  Or give you a bigger discount.

How about, it’s the end of the month and I really need to make my numbers.  What needs to happen for you to make a decision now?

Go down this path and you’ve given all control to your prospect.  And believe me they won’t respect you for it.

The opposite of neediness is being the prize.

If you genuinely believe what you have will solve their issues, take a stand.  Act with quiet certainty.

Your attitude must be there are plenty of fish in the sea and there are lots of people who want what you have.  Obviously you don’t want to do this in an arrogant or antagonistic way.

They play ball on your terms.  You need to be willing to walk away.  And they need to feel you will.

Your frame has to be they’re chasing you, not you chasing them.

They must want to work with you on fair terms.  Anything else, walk away.

Remember that frames start in your mind.  Then they are expressed through your behaviours and finally with what you say.  You often will not have to say anything to communicate your frame.

Obviously there’s far more to successful selling, but unless you get these two aspects mastered, no techniques matter.

Finally, if you want to improve your ability to set frames, and have sales conversations that close high ticket business, we offer comprehensive sales training and coaching.  Contact me at revealedresources.com and we’ll discuss your situation and how we could help you improve.

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