What is your knowledge, expertise and experience worth to your clients?

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The clients we work with are experts in their field and unconsciously competent.  They make their solutions look easy and overlook the decades of experience that went into it.

A major trap because they undervalue the asset their knowledge brings to the table.

I’ve been guilty of this too.  Being creative with solutions and then saying, “That was easy” or being self-deprecating.

Barbara would kick me under the table – “It’s not easy – it’s the result of 30 years hard work and experience.  If it was easy, anyone could have done it and they didn’t.”

One of my skills is detecting opportunities.

Last week, I reframed a service and uncovered an opportunity for a client to go from selling 5 consultancy projects a year to approximately 50 to the SAME end client.  A 10-fold increase.

With another client we outlined a new market by taking course content that targeted technical people and tweaking it into CPD points for users in legal, accounting and finance organisations.

Neither client saw the opportunities until we highlighted them.

What are you not seeing?

Often we’re too close to our own stuff.  Given the new financial year is upon us, engage us for a strategy session to determine where you could add significant value to your clients and your own business.

We’ll explore opportunities, evaluate risks and determine resources you’ll need for growth.

Contact me at Rashid.kotwal@revealedresources.com or call me on +61 414 913 334 for an initial no obligation discussion.

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