In our webinar series on “How to attract high value clients without pushy sales tactics” we emphasise there are two types of prospects.

Those that are ready to do business right now and the rest.

Think of it in terms of an iceberg.  The number of prospects ready to buy (above the waterline) is a very small percentage of the overall market you could be targeting both via your marketing and prospecting activities.

So how do you deal with people who could buy but aren’t ready?

We teach our clients two interlinked strategies.

“The orbit – content carousel” and the “90 Day Rule”.

Think of yourself as the centre of your solar system.  Your marketing should bring prospects into your orbit.  They circle around you consuming your content.  Content which educates and informs them as to why you’re the obvious choice for them.

Then when they’re ready, usually because something you’ve said or written about triggers interest, they’ll contact you.

But that’s still leaving things entirely in their hands.

Which is why we advocate the 90 day rule.  You must have some form of direct contact with people in your network at least once every 90 days.

Why 90 days?  I learned this from Wendy Evans who worked for Thomas Cook, Intercontinental and Saatchi & Saatchi.  Wendy found that people forget what you can do for them on day 91.  She proved it time and time again.

So at the very least have some form of communication every 90 days or you risk your prospects going with the opposition should they be ready to buy and get contacted right at that moment.

While communication can be in the form of an email, SMS or message via social media, don’t be lazy.

The phone is still the best way to keep in touch allowing you to have a “real” conversation.

Remember one thing when you do reach out.  Be “interested” not “interesting”.  This is about them not you.  What’s going in in their world.  Be genuinely interested.  Then if there are opportunities to work together more often than not, they’ll raise them.

Finally, if you haven’t attended the webinar (or you want a refresher), the next one is on Tuesday 25th August at 10am AEST.

You can register here.

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