Sales has got a bad rap.  Most think it’s about ramming your message down someone’s throat, having clever comebacks for objections and continually trying to close.

Frankly nothing could be further from the truth.

At its essence, sales is about service.

You’re serving your clients by solving their problems, using your solutions.

To do so you need to have a deep understanding of your prospect’s world.

The issues they’re facing.  What they’ll openly admit to, talk about and discuss with you.

But that’s scratching the surface.

What won’t they openly admit to?  Things they’d only reveal once they trusted you.  Their fears, insecurities, deeper hopes.

A lot is written about creating client avatars.  A representation of an ideal client.

While great in theory, I recommend you go deeper.

Pick at least 6 of your best clients.  Have a picture of them in front of you.  You’re going to be delving into their minds.

Now, with them in mind look at the issues they’re facing.

What do they want?  What represents success?  Could be more money, time, status or improved lifestyle.

What are they trying to avoid?  Risks?

What are they seeing?  What’s happing in their world?  What are their peers, bosses and subordinates saying?

What are they hearing?  Who’s influencing them?

How are they thinking and feeling?  What’s important to them and why?

What are they saying and doing?  How do they behave?

Now look for commonalities.

Pick the areas that are important enough for them to solve, provoking action.

These are what you’ll use in your marketing, prospecting and sales conversations.

Once you’re in a sales conversation, your goal is to first really understand your prospect and have them realise you do so.

We all want to be heard and understood.

Which means you have to listen.  Really listen and have deep compassion for their issues.

The late Dr Stephen Covey observed.  “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Only once someone feels you understand them will they open up, tell you the truth of what’s happening in their world and allow you to present a solution.

Want a deeper understanding of your clients?  Ask us about our Value Gap Analysis service where we’ll interview your clients in depth to find out what they value about you and what else you could do for them.

Two things will happen.  The first is your clients will appreciate your asking for their feedback.  Second, I guarantee you will get actionable insights which will improve your business results.

Call Rashid on 0414 913 334 for more details.

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