In any field, one of the greatest influencers of your success is your attitude of being of service. 

Zig Ziglar summed the mindset up beautifully, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Which leads to three questions.

  • Who you want to serve.
  • How you position yourself.
  • And how you attract and persuade these people to buy from you.

We’ve got lots of articles on choosing your market and your positioning on our website, so today we’ll concentrate on how to attract the right clients into your business.

Unsurprisingly, it all starts with you.  What you stand for.  Your ethics.  What you’ll do or not do.  The types of clients you’ll accept or not.

Like attracts like.  People are attracted to who you are.  They will either resonate with your values and beliefs or not.

Tell your market why you believe what you believe and how this is represented in the way you deal with your clients, suppliers and even regulators.

Don’t take the common approach of hiding behind a mask.  Have the courage to be authentic, open and transparent.

While we’d all prefer to talk about our successes, open up about your failures and what you learned from them.  Let people into your world so they get to really know you.

Communicate your passion.  Why you chose your way to get results for your clients.

Take for example a financial planner who firmly believes his remuneration should be tied to results he gets for clients.  By charging a percentage of funds under management, the better the client does, the more he gets paid and vice versa.  His clients love this.

Or another planner who concentrates on wealth management and charges a fixed fee regardless of funds.

Each attracts a different type of client and their practices are full of people they want to work with and who appreciate the value they bring to the table.

Remember, all marketing is communication and education. 

The more effectively you communicate and live your values (and by that I mean every member of your organisation needs to embody them and act accordingly), the more successfully you’ll attract the types of clients best suited to work with you.

Wrapping up, have the courage and confidence to put a stake in the ground.  Trust that your message will resonate with and attract the clients you can serve best.

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