How often do you review why you’re in business? Why you got started in the first place? If you’re like many of us, you may well have fallen into business at some point.

Like a client of ours who are very successful second generation business owners.

The last couple of years have been a grind for obvious reasons.  While doing well on one level, they’d lost vision as to what they really wanted from the business.  Their big “WHY”.

I brought this up recently.  Explained there were primarily two outcomes they could expect.  The first was to use the business as a cash cow where the business paid for their lifestyle as well as allowing them to put money aside into external investments along the way, building up their assets.

The second was to eventually sell the business.  Preferably both.

Re focusing on their work/life balance, got them excited about the vision of eventually selling the business.  Giving them the impetus to work on both a sales and operation system which would enable them have the business run independently of them.

So my question to you is, what is your vision? Why did you get into business in the first place? And where do you want to take it in the next few years?

Is it to create a level of financial stability. To have the business pay for your lifestyle, build up a level of assets, have a good life and at some point be in a position to eventually sell the business and have a big payday?

We’re hitting what for many is a quiet time of year which gives a great opportunity to step out and reflect.

What’s the primary vision you have for your business? What direction do you want to head in?  What’s the strategy that’s going to underpin this?

What risks and opportunities could come up?  How will you mitigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities.

What are the constraints that you might experience?  And what are the critical issues that you need to solve and where are the weakest links in the chain?

We’re working with our clients to answer these questions.  Planning a way forward, helping them navigate around potholes coming up in the middle of the road.  Giving them the courage and confidence to move in the right direction and take informed decisions, have the ability to measure progress and correct course as necessary.

To that end, we are offering a number of sales and business strategy sessions where we work on clarifying your vision and lay out a pathway to help you achieve it.

We have limited time in December and January – so if this you feel you could benefit from an external, experienced set of eyes, reach out and have a conversation.  If we feel we can genuinely guide you, we’ll take it from there.

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