People often lump marketing and sales into the same bucket. They think “We’ve got sales people who go out Gold-in-Pan1and prospect, so why do we need marketing?”

The short answer is leverage or the multiplication of force or effort.

Sales to a large extent is a numbers game. You need to sort through a lot of prospects to find the gold. People ready to buy right now.

Marketing provides leverage. It does the heavy lifting for the sales force by generating interest, educating, nurturing and qualifying leads which are then handed over to the sales force to close.

Which means your sales team doesn’t waste time prospecting. Making hundreds of cold calls, going door to door, suffering constant rejection.

Instead they spend their time with prospects who have raised their hands and expressed interest. Essentially qualified themselves in.

So the sales team can now concentrate on the job of selling – which is converting interest into a sale.

Are you wasting time prospecting? Would you like to implement a marketing system which delivers qualified leads to your sales team?

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