“Ta Dah, Bing, Cuckoo”.

Marry Me?

Being bombarded with often hundreds of messages a day it’s no wonder it’s almost impossible for you to get your message opened and read by your prospects.

Unless… You have something that catches their attention AND interest immediately. Something that makes them stop and take the action you want them to take. Miss that moment and you’re probably gone forever.

Did you know that the prospect who calls you is twice as likely to buy than one you initiate contact with – especially if it’s a cold call?

But what’s going to make them call?

Quite simply, it’s the promise that you’ll solve whatever issue it is they’re facing.

But just like asking someone to marry you on the first date isn’t usually wise, neither is coming over all hot and heavy with your sales pitch.

You gotta court your prospects. Romance them. Build rapport and trust. Eventually bring them over the threshold.

Which is where your lead magnet comes in.

Think of it like an ad in the Personal’s Column.   You want to give just enough information to intrigue and generate interest. You want to attract the right type of person while rejecting the rest.

Prospects who have issues you can solve and are interested in looking for a solution.

But remember, at this point they’re just looking. Scanning the field. Seeing who stands out. The last thing they want is to be badgered.

So here’s how you go about it.

Start with an Ad designed to attract attention and get them to take a small step forward. A micro commitment.

Here’s an effective formula to follow:

“How To [very desirable benefit] In Less Than [x] Days – Guaranteed!

Plus Four Common But Costly [negatives opposite to the benefit] To Avoid”

These are quick and dirty examples but you get the idea.

“How to attract high value clients in 90 days and keep them for a lifetime. Plus 7 common profit killing mistakes most businesses make and how to avoid them.”

“Why the majority of Australians will outlive their superannuation retirement savings and 5 ways to ensure you aren’t one of them.”

“Why the food you love might be killing you. 3 Foods you must avoid at all costs if you want to live a long life. Plus the newly discovered super-food that removes toxins from your body while tasting great!”

The Ad’s call to action would be to go to a website, request more information, sign up for a webinar or seminar.

Regardless of form, here’s where you provide the answers. Give tons of value and your best stuff. Don’t skimp.

I know this sounds counter intuitive but go with me. This is all about building up trust in your prospects’ minds.

You want them to think, “Gee, if I’m getting all this for free, what else could I get if I paid?”

And now comes the hook. Your call to action.

Tell them what the next steps are. What you want them to do.

Buy a low end product which makes them a customer. (It’s far easier to have a customer ascend the purchasing ladder once they’ve paid for something no matter how small.)

Or offer a free consultation which goes into more depth about how you could solve their issues in their context.

Your goal is to keep the conversation alive.

Want to see this in action?

Go here. But only do so if you’re in business and looking to attract more high value clients.

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Rashid & Barbara.

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