Thought this quote from James Clear is very apt in today’s world.

“When you need to learn quickly, learn from others. When you need to learn deeply, learn from experience.”

To this I’d add, learn from the experience of others, experimentation and inference. Study things, look for patterns, differences and figure things out. Put another way, it’s the art of thinking.

In a world dominated by Google search and soon, AI systems like ChatGPT and it’s successors, no matter what information you’re looking for, it’s readily available at your fingertips.

But information is just that. Information. It’s what you do with it that counts.

Google and its ilk won’t teach you how to solve new puzzles. That takes inferential thinking. The ability to work with limited information, see patterns, make inferences and connections.

Understanding the underlying principles of how something works allows you to put things together in new ways, create new products and solve thorny problems.

In my early 20’s I was essentially a self taught Unix specialist. I remember diagnosing a major bug in the operating system simply by observing behavioural pattern which was causing the system to grind to a halt and eventually crashing. This is with no access to the operating source code. Just limited information and the ability to put 2 and 2 together and infer a cause and solution.

Over the years I’ve honed that skill and applied it to business and sales issues. Detecting patterns in behaviour which can hinder growth. Seeing the forest for the trees.

If you feel my skillset could help your business, reach out. We’ll have a confidential discussion and take it from there.

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