We all make instant judgements about people we’ve just met.  Mostly based on body language.

But did you know that your own body language will directly impact your mind?  How you feel and therefore how you come across.

We all unconsciously respond to nonverbal cues.  You feel power and charisma radiating off someone as they enter the room.  Or you instantly think, “shrinking violet”.

But what if the innately shrinking violet could project confidence instead?  Could be pretty useful in a job interview, getting a date or even preventing yourself from getting mugged!

In this TED talk viewed over 35 million times, psychologist Amy Cuddy shares research about how changing your own body language, even though you might think it’s fake, will change the way you feel and think about who you are and what you’re capable of.

In essence, fake it until you become it.

As an aside, those of you familiar with NLP and psychiatrist Milton Erikson (1901 – 1980) would know Milton’s famous phrase, “Pretend anything and master it.”  Same thing.

And finally, Amy divulges some deeply personal fears around the 16 minute mark and how she overcame the biggest fear so many have.  “I’ll be found to be a fraud”.  You gotta give it to her!

Watch it here.

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