Imagine sending one email and getting over 2,000 targeted leads back within a day.  People who’ve given you their full name, email and mobile number.  Leads you can immediately follow up to offer your high end services.

This is exactly what happened to a client of ours with our help.

One of the most powerful marketing questions we insist our clients ask is who has the client before you.  And whether they’d be prepared to introduce you to their clients with an endorsement.

Effectively they’re referring their clients on to you.

So why would they do this?

Couple of reasons.  They believe you can add value to their clients, which in turn reflects well on them as they’re perceived as being of service.

And depending on the commercial arrangement, they could be paid a straight fee or take a percentage of sales or just have a reciprocal arrangement where you promote them.

Now, for this to work, obviously you have to be offering something your referral partner’s clients would find valuable.  Your referral partner needs to trust you to deliver as it’s their reputation at stake.

You need to do all the work.  Create the message which has to resonate with the audience and have a clear call to action.

Done right, this is one of the most leveraged ways to getting your message in front of highly targeted prospects.

Now as with all things, there’s a caveat.

You must be prepared to quickly follow up with each lead as the longer you leave it, the colder they’ll get.

Have the resources in place to call and connect personally.

And have an automated follow up sequence in place which doles out valuable content over the next weeks and months as well so your name stays on top of their minds.

Remember, just because they respond to your initial message doesn’t mean they are ready to buy right now.  Many will need to be nurtured, building up trust in you until the time is right for them.

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