Bought a new set of dining room chairs the other week. The salesperson was friendly, but not overly familiar (as I’m sure you’ve sometimes Shack Thanksexperienced).

Delivery was arranged and we were told they unpack and take away the packing! Wow!

Imagine our surprise when they also left us a small gift and handwritten note as a way of saying “Thank you”.

And on the subject of going the extra mile, to make it convenient for clients who visit, a Financial Planner client recently started putting out a sign with his client’s names in the car park clearly marking the parking bay.

His receptionist calls the clients the day before to confirm the appointment and ask what they’d like in the way of refreshments so it’s ready when they get there.

Barbara who’s been interviewing some of his clients has had very positive feedback from the ones who’ve experienced this.

Does it take some effort to walk down and keep changing the sign? Of course it does. Is it worth it? His clients appreciate it.

Honestly, it really doesn’t take much to do some small extra unexpected thing which marks you out in the eyes of your clients.

We remember (and talk about it) as we’re doing here.

What could you do to wow your clients?

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