Sports scientists have known for years that the “inner game” is just as important as the “outer one”.  That visualising athletic success is equally important to actual practice.

What’s even more interesting is that just thinking about exercise fires the same muscle groups and neurons as physically doing it.  Which has major ramifications for stroke and otherwise incapacitated people.

And finally, the so called placebo effect can be equally (if not more) effective than the real medicine.

So what’s this got to do with growing your business or climbing the success ladder?

Well, everything.

Your mindset determines your reality.  Think you’ll be successful and you significantly increase your chances.  Think stress is good for you (rather than a killer) – same deal.

This TEDx talk by  Dr. Alia Crum of Stanford University has some fascinating examples of how your mind effects your body in areas from exercise to pain relief and even your perception of hunger.

Watch it here.



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