There’s an old saying, “What got you here won’t get you there”.

Life is a continual process of growth.  The only way to grow is to continuously expand our comfort zones.

As children, this is automatic.  Curiosity has no bounds.  We learn to crawl, then stand up, wobble and hang on.  We don’t stop even though we fall.  Keep moving forward.  Striving for more.

Our personalities develop.  Our character traits, values and beliefs evolve.  And we take these into adulthood.

As adults, things often change.

Some live in their comfort zones, often not questioning why they do the things they do.  Therefore personal growth stagnates.

While others are on a continual quest for self-development and personal growth.

Ultimately it’s a choice.

One that, in our opinion has major ramifications in your business.

Here’s why.

In life, we tend to attract people who are similar to us.  In a way, they reflect who we are.

It’s the same in business.  Our personal business mantra is, “As within, so without”.

Your business is a direct reflection on who you are.  And that will determine who you attract – both as clients and employees.

Which is why we put such a large focus on personal development and mindset with our business coaching clients.

So one question we ask our clients is “Who do you need to become to take your business to a higher level?”

And that often comes with answering difficult questions.

I recently asked business owners what their character flaws and shortcomings were and how they impacted on the business.

Be aware that you as the leader set the tone for your business.  It’s very rare that employees will exceed the level of expectations set by their surroundings.  They will watch what you do, not what you say.

If you’re honest in your dealings with clients, they will be.  If you cut corners, so will they.

It’s the same with countless other traits.  You need to lead from the front.

Remember, the fish rots from the head.  And as you’re the leader, you’re the head!

So if your business isn’t at the level you’d like it to be ask yourself what could be going wrong.

It’s tempting to blame your team.  Maybe even those unappreciative, demanding clients.  But look at yourself.  How many of these traits do you show?  What are your own weaknesses?  How do they play out and how could you change who you are?

People watch and emulate what you do, not what you say.  So if you want things to improve, start with yourself.

Have the courage and confidence to confront reality.

Over the decades we’ve worked with any number of business owners and leaders to personally develop themselves, their teams and ultimately their businesses.

If this resonates with you and you feel you could benefit from our experience and knowledge, give us a call.

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