It’s probably an understatement to say we live in interesting times. There’s a lot of uncertainty with everything from the pandemic to high inflation, the cost of living going up, the war in Europe etc.

Speaking with other business leaders a couple of attitudes shine through. One is somewhat doom and gloom. Problems abound. It’s hard to find staff. Costs are going up. Buyers are taking longer to make decisions.

The others say “Yes, stuff is challenging. But where are the opportunities? What can we do with what we’ve got? How can we make things better?”

Which got me reflecting on what constitutes leadership.

I’d just attended a brilliant (and I don’t use that superlative lightly) 2-hour masterclass on leadership with Matt Church. What really struck a chord was, “Leadership is a decision, not a position. And leadership happens in moments. How you choose to respond at any point. What positive impact do you make.”

Which all comes down to your mindset.

Coming back to your business.

What’s your vision? Where do you want to take it in the next few years?

Is it to create a level of financial stability? To have the business pay for your lifestyle, build up a level of assets, have a good life and be in a position to eventually sell the business and have a big payday?

Have you got a strategy in place to accomplish this?

Where do you see the opportunities? Where are the risks and how could you mitigate them?

What’s the strategy that’s going to underpin this?

What risks and opportunities could come up? How will you mitigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities?

What are the constraints that you might experience? And what are the critical issues that you need to solve and where are the weakest links in the chain?

I recently created a video on the relationship between security, opportunity and prosperity. You can watch it here.

It’s often hard to see the forest for the trees – and it takes outside perspectives.

We’re working with our clients identify opportunities, define the critical path activities, overlay the constraints looking for bottlenecks and mitigate risk.

One conversation with a client identified a major risk and a significant opportunity for growth. Another found a new market for his product.

We’re already a month into the new financial year. It’s an ideal time to review your strategy going forward.

I invite you to have a preliminary conversation with us where we’ll spend an hour (on us) to determine where you’re at and what opportunities exist.

Contact me on +61 414 913 334 and we’ll have a no obligation discussion re your situation.

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