Michael Gerber in the E-Myth Revisited states most businesses are started by people who are good at ChangingMindssomething. Be it plumbing, accounting, law or making widgets.

They hang out their shingle and hope clients come to them. Sometimes they get lucky and snag a couple of clients. They get really busy with the feast. Things look rosy indeed.

But then the inevitable happens. The famine.

Eventually, some learn a painful lesson.

No matter how great they are at delivery, without being able to consistently get their message out to the right prospects they’ll fail.

Maybe you can relate?

A successful multi-millionaire mentor of ours used to rant that “No matter what business you think you’re in, you’re not. You are actually in the marketing business”.

Not marketing consulting. But the business of marketing whatever it is you do.

Which is quite a mindset shift for most people who go into business.

Which frankly is not surprising.

Think back to your professional education.

Whether you did Law, Medicine, Psychology or a trades certificate, how much formal class time was spent learning how to market yourself? I’ll wager it wasn’t more than a couple of hours over the 3 to 4 years of tuition.

You learn all the technical aspects of your craft, but never the two vital components you need to succeed. Marketing and selling.

If this is you, make it your business to get really good at both.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking, “I’ll just get someone else to do it for me”. That way you’ll always be dependent on someone else and leave your fate in their hands.

Remember, once you master the skill, you can write your own ticket to success.

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