I speak with a lot of business owners about growth.  A surprising number say, “We’re doing really well – got lots of big projects in the pipeline.  Don’t need to worry about sales”.

And I think to myself, “Great.  But one day the wheel will turn when you least expect it.  Then you’ll have to madly scramble.  And it may be too late.”

And it can happen to really smart operators like an old client of ours.

We’d set up his marketing system which he could turn up or down depending on the level of work they had.

They’d been really busy over the last year, had a couple of large projects in the pipeline and turned off the acquisition tap.

Then boom.  The projects evaporated unexpectedly.

And now they’re wondering how they’ll replace them.  They have small stuff on the go, and even as they turn on the tap, there’s a lag.  It takes time to build up momentum.

So the salutary lesson is control what you can.  Always be in client acquisition mode.  You don’t know what’s around the corner.  Circumstances can change in a heartbeat.

Are you at similar risk?

If so, we work with our clients to identify and mitigate risks to growth.  If you’re absolutely sure you’re on track with your acquisition and growth strategy, great.  If not, and you’d like a second opinion, give me a call.

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