Do you have employees who aren’t stepping up?  Performing to the best of their ability?  Making mistakes which end up costing you both time and money?

As a leader, what’s your take?  Do you let it slide or do you put pressure on to perform?

That’s a conundrum a couple of my clients have faced recently.

The conundrum is:

“I feel I can’t put pressure on them to perform better, because if we do they’ll leave.  And that would cause more problems because I would have to step in and do their work or put pressure on the rest of the team take up the slack.  So it’s better to have someone who does part of the work than none of it.”

I understand why they’re thinking this way, but is this the wisest course of action?

Because sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take the short-term hit knowing there’s going to be some pain while you look to replacing the resource.

But what’s the alternative?  If you keep the person in the role and nothing changes?  The gap in performance will get wider and wider.

Others in your organisation watch what’s happening, your lack of firm action and start to resent the fact the person is not producing and that you allow them to get away with it.

What does that say about the culture of your organisation?  You get what you tolerate.

Like ripping off a band-aid you get some short-term pain.  But it’s better than having it linger and fester causing far more problems down the track.

I know there are no easy answers here.  You have to make difficult decisions.  That’s what leadership is often about.

So what decision will you make?

P.S.  As leaders we’re often too close to the problem.  It’s useful to have a sounding board from a non involved third party who has leadership expertise and experience.

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