In business it’s not who you know but who knows you.  If you’re well known as an expert in your market, potential clients will seek you out and ask if you can help solve their issues.

Think of it like being the guru on the top of the mountain.  People come to you so you can dispense wisdom and advice.

This is far more powerful than you reaching out to them cold.

In fact, someone contacting you is twice as likely to buy than someone who’s never heard of you, where you reach out to them first.

That’s the power of positioning.

Which begs the question.  How do you go about achieving this.

First you have to put a stake in the ground and decide what you want to be known for.  What you specialise in.  You can’t be a generalist.  So decide.

Then communicate this relentlessly through your personal brand, the articles you write, the places you speak, what you say in networking situations.

Everything needs to be on message.

So when people hear about you there’s no confusion as to what you do and what you stand for.

A great example is a client of ours, a financial planner whom we discovered had a great deal of expertise in the aged care sector.  Narrowing down his message enabled him to become known as a specialist, attracting a growing cohort of clients in an evergreen market.

Wrapping up, being known as a specialist means your market knows exactly what you can do for them making you an obvious choice.  You’ll garner far more clients this way.

So if you’d like help in what you should specialise in and how to effectively communicate this message, reach out.

We’ll help you put together a framework to bring in more high value clients in 90 days or less.  Contact me and we’ll create a launch plan so you’ll know exactly what to do when.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.

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