I’ve spent decades working with professionals from various consultancy fields, such as Accountants, Financial Planners, Engineers, and IT specialists. Most loved the technical aspects of delivery. And hated having to sell those services. They often viewed sales as something icky, associated with used car salesmen and pushy manipulation.

None of us want to be sold to. We want to be in charge of choosing whether we want to buy or not.

It’s all about helping potential clients understand their issues on a deeper level, recognize the implications of maintaining the status quo, and showing them how a change in approach could improve their business and lives.

This shift in mindset is critical.

Sales is fundamentally about service.

You must thoroughly understand their challenges, better than they do, and always act in their best interests.

Your role is not to push a product or service but to build trust that you’ll do the right thing by them. That if you can’t genuinely help, you’ll walk away, even recommending someone else.

Which means mastering two aspects.

A mindset of service and a structured process for leading your prospects in a “buying conversation”

Starting with identifying your potential buyers, empathising and deeply understanding their problems, clearly communicating your value then encouraging them to take action.

In short, you provide the structure while allowing the client to share their needs and concerns. Ultimately, your goal is to help them decide whether to buy or not.

This art of sales can be learned and improved. If you’re interested in attracting high-value clients, explore our Sales Mastery programs.

Our programs cover topics like mindset transformation, defining your target market, creating value maps of the buyer’s journey, and articulating the benefits of working with you.

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