I used to love playing snakes and ladders as a kid.  Rolling the dice and hoping to climb a ladder not slide down a snake!

It’s a great metaphor describing businesses.

I’m going to assume you’re in business to create an asset.  From slotting money away as you go along to eventually selling the business.

You go through phases.

The ladders take you from instability to stability.  To consolidating operations providing a solid base for expansion.  Finally creating an asset, leading to choices including creating a legacy.

But with every opportunity there’s risk.  Your job is to evaluate (and grab) the opportunity while mitigating any risk.

You do that by creating a solid base incorporating your vision, go to market strategy, sales and delivery plan.

At each step of the ladder you need to put into place scaffolding which minimises your risk of falling down to a lower rung.

What do you have in place to consistently climb, creating an asset while avoiding the pitfalls along the way?

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