Procrastination.  We all do it at times.  And it’s the biggest barrier to business growth.

We procrastinate because we’re confused.  Don’t know what path to take.  So we go round in circles overthinking it.  Or simply ignore the issue hoping it’ll go away.  (Sometimes it does)

Having said that, procrastination due to a gut feeling that you should wait is generally a good thing.  Many a bad decision will be avoided.

However, under most circumstances, making a decision, whether it’s to do something or not is always preferable.  Going around in circles takes energy.  Making a decision puts things to bed and you can move on.

And yes, sometimes that decision could be to delay action until some other event happens.  Understanding the reasons and making a conscious decision is not procrastination.

So here are a couple of way you could overcome the urge to procrastinate.

Figure out what you would ideally need to know to make an informed decision.  Realise that you’ll never know everything.  What’s the minimum that will enable you to move forward?

Acknowledge any fear that comes up.  There’s no point in trying to ignore it.  This is a case of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Now take the first small steps and review the result.  You might have to take a few before you get a meaningful outcome.  This is not about massive, risky action.

Be externally accountable.  Promise you’ll get it done to someone you respect.  Someone you don’t want to let down.

And if you do find yourself procrastinating and making excuses, own up.  Then decide if that’s what you really want to do or change it.

Ultimately, procrastinating or taking action is entirely your choice.  Either way there’ll be consequences.  Are those something you want to live with?

Rashid & Barbara.

P.S.  If procrastination is an issue for you, get help!  We’ll work together to cut through any confusion, set up a strategic road-map for success as well as help you implement your growth plan.

In the words of our clients, we’re “highly experienced, know what works and what doesn’t”.  We’re “very pragmatic and help them gain clarity, put structure into their businesses and be accountable”.  Above all we “genuinely care and help them get results”.

If you want to accelerate your business growth, give Rashid a call on +61 414 913 334.

P.P.S.  Yes, I get the irony of telling someone who procrastinates a lot to “do this”. 🙂

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