Meet Carl. He’s a wonderful relationship builder who enjoys talking to prospects and clients. People are always willing to chew the fat with him and enjoy his calls.

Carl’s great when it comes to customer service. Nothing is too much trouble. He’ll visit client sites at the drop of a hat, fix equipment, and do whatever it takes to be a “nice guy”.

He’s always on your  side as a client. Maybe even a bit too much – he sometimes takes your side against the organisation he works for.  A real “pleaser”.

Over the years I’ve met whole teams of “Carls” masquerading as sales people.  The organisation expects them to actively sell – bring in new clients, but they don’t have the innate drive to close business.

Sales managers get frustrated as do the individuals concerned.

And it’s not Carl’s fault.  He’s simply the wrong person in the wrong role.

In the Persuasion stakes he’s a “pleaser” not an “advisor”. Great at forming and maintaining relationships, but not good at taking charge and telling the customer the next step is “to buy”.

So when looking at where to place Carl best, find a service oriented role where he regularly calls on clients, presses the flesh and takes orders.

Don’t expect him to be proactive and make recommendations to close business.

Do you have a sales team where one person is an outstanding performer, most are in the middle and one or two down the bottom?

Let us help you move the middle to the top and the bottom to the middle through our sales training and coaching programs.

Unlike traditional training where attendees “forget” almost everything once they leave, our coaching provides long term, consistent improvements to your bottom line results.

Call Rashid on 0414-913 334 to get started.


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