You sell a high value product or service. You’ve identified a specific prospect that would be a good fit. Now you need to get your offer into parceltheir hands and actually have them open and read it.

In the days of instant communication it’s tempting to just email them.

But we get hundreds of emails. Remember, your job is to get their attention first and then their interest. What’s going to make your email stand out? If they don’t open it you’ve lost before you even begin.

Ah, you think. I’ll send them a letter instead.

But if you’re anything like me you open your mail over the recycling bin. Anything that remotely looks like a generic offer goes in the bin. If I recognise the sender it may not even get opened.

Around 20 years ago I scoffed at an idea to get in the door. But I soon ate my words.

Our marketing department sent framed etchings of the recently fully restored Tall Ship the James Craig to selected prospects with an introduction to our company.

I vividly remember arguing that “No one would be interested, and spending $40 on each picture was a ridiculous waste”.

But they were. We’d call to follow up and got through every time. And invariably the picture was on their desks or hanging on their walls.

Recently a colleague recounted how he’s getting 80% of his prospects to meet with him from a cold letter.

Delivering leadership training he sends them a package which has a jewelled Elephant. It’s a really attractive, heavy piece which costs him about $10. The message that goes with it is, “What’s the elephant in your organisation?”

Curiosity guarantees a recipient will open the package. A PA will deliver it to the boss. If you get this at home, you’ll open it.

In marketing parlance this is called “Lumpy Mail”.

So what could you put in the package?

I’ve seen everything from Pens, Product Samples, USB Sticks, Mugs and even tablets with pre-programmed video presentations. One tried and true formula is including a tea bag with “Have a cup of tea on me while you read this…”

One of the best examples I’ve heard is a golf fanatic being sent an expensive golf bag, then over time a set of extremely high quality golf clubs. All but the last driver which he’d only get if he agreed to meet.

Obviously you’d need to be pretty sure of your prospect and the sale value would be right up there. But you get the idea.

Some important points…

You need to research your prospect. This is a targeted exercise. You don’t want to throw away money on people who aren’t in the decision loop.

Your message needs to evoke curiosity so they’ll take your call.

You must, repeat must, call them to follow up. Leaving them to call you is foolish. Chances are it’ll never happen. In your letter you tell them when you’ll call and then do so. We go over this strategy in great depth with our clients.

And finally, once is not enough.

Budget to send them lumpy mail or other letters, emails and faxes over time. Remember it usually takes multiple touches before a prospect takes action. Your job is to be there when they decide to.

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