Objection handling.  It’s a major focus in any sales training.  Type it into Google and you’ll get about 134 MILLION results!

At their core, there are only 3 reasons people raise objections.

  • They don’t trust you or your ability to deliver.
  • They can’t perceive the value in your offer.
  • They don’t trust themselves. Their capability to do what’s necessary to get the result.

So how do you navigate these?

One of the best ways to engender trust is what Jay Abraham calls a “preponderance of proof”.  Think about how you make buying decisions.  Most of us read testimonials, reviews and case studies.

Ideally you want to have your prospects read/watch these BEFORE you meet.  It sets up a positive vibe.

Value is in the eye of the beholder.  Is what they’re investing in terms of time, money or effort going to produce a commensurate return?  Are they going to increase their personal status or wellbeing?  Increase their capability which gives them some other leverage?

And finally, do they trust themselves to be able to accomplish this and get the outcome they want.  Are they willing to put in the hard yards if necessary.

Interestingly it’s often this last one that kyboshes sales. 

So your job is to pre handle each possible objection as you go along.  You know what’s likely to come up – so bring it up in conversation.

Give examples of other clients who’ve had similar issues and how they overcame them.

Then ask if there’s anything else they need clarification on and handle that.

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