Donkey’s years ago I heard this from a friend’s mother, “The man may think he’s the head of the household, but we’re the neck that turns him”.

Never a truer word was spoken when it comes to sales.

Effective salespeople know their real job is to facilitate a buying decision.  Which means having each party involved okay the deal.

But being social creatures, our natural inclination is to gravitate to the vocal extroverts – focusing on them, assuming they’re the main influencers.

However neglecting the quiet ones sitting in the corner means we miss out on their input and where they stand.  Leaving them with a sense that they’re not being heard and perspectives don’t matter.  Which could lead to them resenting you!

So make sure you include everyone in the meeting.  Directly ask them questions.  Get them involved.

Because while they might not naturally speak up, they will absolutely voice their opinions in private when you’re not there to direct the conversation.

Remember, the old saying, “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.  The quiet ones could well be the watchful influencers and decision makers you need to keep on side.

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