I have a couple of questions for you.  What do you know and is it what you are actually known for in your market place?

Most of us have a very wide range of knowledge and expertise.  And we tend to go to market spruiking all of it.  But that often just confuses our audience as they can’t get a handle on us.

A mentor of ours, Col Fink came up with a great metaphor to explain this.

The Rubik Cube.

The cube has 6 solid colours.  White, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow.

If you show someone who’s never seen the cube when its been taken straight out of the box, there’s a white side, a red side, a blue side, an orange side, a green side and a yellow side.

Now imagine you only show them the white side so that’ all they think there is.  And once they become familiar with it, you then show them the red side.  And then slowly reveal the rest of the colours.

If you asked them the colours they’d probably now remember most of them.

Imagine instead you jumbled up the cube so each side had a multitude of colours.  Then asked them what colours they remembered.  Chances are they wouldn’t remember all that many.

So what’s this got to do with your message and what you’re known for?

If you want to be remembered for having certain expertise, just talk about that aspect of what you do for a while.  Stay on message.

This way people who are interested in this aspect really get to know you and your capabilities.  They don’t get confused with all the other stuff that you could do.

Once you’ve bedded this down, by all means move onto the next thing and consistently promote that.

The result of this is when someone is asked for who they know in one of your areas of expertise, they’ll go, I know someone.  And that’s going to be you.

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