Got a great product or service?  Know exactly who you need to target?  But are having trouble getting through?bmr-biz-usb

We live in a world of information overload.  Constant bombardment of emails, Texts, Facebook updates, Twitter and a host of other interruptions.

So having a prospect even notice your message and then possibly spend even a few seconds evaluating it becomes a problem.  Unless you have a mechanism to cut through.

Which is some old school methods still work extremely well, principally because they’re so unusual in this day and age.

I’m talking about direct mail.  But not any direct mail.

I’ll illustrate with a current promotion we’re running with a client.

John works with furniture/kitchen manufacturers to improve their bottom line profits.  Many of these businesses turn over tens of millions of dollars, but don’t have a good handle on their costs, price their finished goods incorrectly, and end up making miniscule profits.

John goes in and sorts them out.

The issue is how to get John’s message in front of the business decision makers.

He could make cold calls – but you know what that’s like.  Even if you get through, people are busy, they don’t know you from Adam and are likely to give you short shrift.

This is what we’ve come up with.  Use it as an example and see how you could emulate it in your business.

We wrote a 14 page report on the issues these manufacturers have, the 3 major causes and how to alleviate them using John’s services.  Including a bunch of case studies.  You can see the report here.

John has a simple to use Excel spreadsheet which allows prospects to plug in their costs and selling price whereupon it spits out their profitability (or not). Access the Excel Sheet here.

We’ve put this onto a USB stick with his logo/company details embossed.

The whole package is then expressed mailed to potential clients a few at a time.

The covering letter explains what’s in the package and that John will personally call to get their feedback in a couple of days.

It’s a method we’ve used very successfully with other clients selling high end products and services to a relatively small audience.

Let’s unpack why this works.

What would you do if you either got an express mail (bright yellow envelope) directly addressed to you?  You’d open it.  Especially if it felt “lumpy” – with the USB stick in there.

Chances are you’d read the letter and even if you didn’t read the whole report, you’re not likely to throw the USB away.

When John calls and the gatekeeper asks what it’s regarding, he can truthfully say you’re expecting the call (he did tell you he’d call in the letter).

One the ice is broken, the sales discovery conversation can start.

But nothing happens unless you get to first base and this is an excellent way of doing so.

But here’s the rub.

It’s very unlikely you’re going to make a multi-thousand dollar sale on the first call.  You have to keep in touch with them on a regular basis to build up trust and move the sale forward.  Remember, it can take between 5 and 15+ touches before someone buys.

Interested in knowing more about how we can design and IMPLEMENT such a marketing system in your business?

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