We’re moving house. There’s a defined date – stuff has to be packed and ready to move. Which brings up an interesting topic – deadlines.

I’ve been mulling over why we take some deadlines seriously and conveniently let others slide. Especially when it comes to our own businesses.

We might respond to external deadlines where there’s a penalty for not doing so. BTW, that doesn’t have to be financial. They could be reputational etc.

But often we ignore or let our own deadlines to ourselves slide.

It’s not that they’re not important. We’ve told ourselves they are. So why don’t we commit to meeting them?

I’ve seen this with myself and lots of our clients.

Do we not think we’re as important as someone else? So we put ourselves last…

I suspect it’s often we don’t know how to go about whatever it is we’re committing to. It’s too big a chunk. So we don’t start.

Or we start, get part of the way through and then get distracted and hare off somewhere else.

Neither behaviour is useful.

If any of you relate, here’s what I suggest.

Get really, really clear on two things. Why this thing is important and what is the outcome you’re looking for.

Be clear on both logical and emotional reasons. (The emotional being more important – as that’s what drives us)

Then break the goal into small, manageable chunks. Find some evidence that will tell you you’ve achieved each step.

Right now that means each room is cleared, boxes packed and labelled. It’s either done or not.

And if necessary get an external accountability partner.

Many of our clients engage us to do keep them accountable. They set their goals, we break them into doable chunks and set deadlines.

Do they always meet them? No. But they meet them far more often than not. Which results running a better business and enjoying life more.

If you’re in a similar position and would like my help to achieve your goals, reach out. I’m a phone call away.

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