Would you challenge a client if you firmly believed they were going down the wrong path?

How about a prospect during a sales conversation where you know they’re barking up the wrong tree?

Or would you let it slide because you either feel it’s not your job, or you want to avoid confrontation?

If the latter, are you truly serving your prospect or client?

As a business mentor, I firmly believe my role is to provide insights, guidance and leadership.

And that holds equally true in a sales conversation whether or not the person becomes a client.

My ethos is “Seek first to understand”.

What are they trying to achieve and why?

How are they going about it?

What resources do they think they need?

Is what they’re doing commercially astute or is there a better way?

Now I’m not suggesting you go in boots and all.

Keep the axiom, “I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care” top of mind.

Be empathetic. Get into their world so they feel you really understand them.

Then they’re far more likely to accept your guidance knowing you’re acting in their best interest.

So I’ll leave you with 4 questions you can ask.

1) What will happen if they [go down this path]?

2) What will happen if they don’t?

3) What won’t happen?

4) What won’t happen if they don’t?

Number 4 is a doozy – use it judiciously and only if you have a high level of trust as it’s almost impossible to answer consciously.

So will you take up the challenge to challenge your prospects and clients?  Let me know!

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