Every business with more than a handful of clients has a very small selection of AAA (around 4%), then AA, B and C level clients. The 4% of AAA clients give somewhere in the vicinity of 64% of the profit.

Given this you’d think it obvious that time and effort would be better spent with these AAA clients.

But generally that doesn’t happen. Why? Businesses believe every client should be treated equally, but that’s just bunkum.

Every client does not deserve the same level of service. The reality is you should be spending most of your effort keeping the top 4% happy because that’s where your money and future growth will come from.

But who are these clients and what else can you do for them?

Join us for a focused Marketing Strategy session where we’ll:

  • •Take your clients apart and see exactly what they’re buying and why.
  • •Figure out which 4% give you 64% or more of your profit.

Knowing this we will help you increase your profits even further by:

  • Creating loyalty programs for the select few.
  • Adding new high end products/services into the mix to maximise the money these top clients spend with you.
  • How to communicate the additional value making it a no brainer for them to buy.

These focus sessions which run over half and full days are particularly suited to Professional Services (Financial Planners, Accountants, Solicitors) or anyone who sells products to a rabid market. Golfers come to mind!

December is a great time to work on your business giving you a head start on your competition in the new year.

Call us on (02) 9499-7958 now for more information.

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