“Winter is coming” – has become part of the vernacular.  Business goes in seasons and cycles.  There are times when you’ll be consumed by delivery, wondering how you’ll get everything done.  But as sure as night follows day, there is a cliff coming if you don’t keep up with your sales activity.

There are three pillars to stability and consistent growth.

Sales, prospecting and marketing.

The order is deliberate.

Sales is where money actually changes hands.  It provides the cash flow lifeblood for your business.  So it should be the number one focus.

Prospecting involves actively finding people who could become clients.  People who aren’t looking or even aware they may have an issue, but could greatly benefit from your wares.

Marketing raises awareness.  It attracts potential clients in a passive fashion.

Done well, marketing positions you as a credible, trusted supplier, educating prospects who are actively looking for a solution as to why you’re the best fit.

You get leverage and a multiplier effect by combining all three, sales, prospecting and marketing.

Having said that, if you had to choose what activities to do now to get business in the door, concentrate on prospecting and selling.  Directly reaching out.

Working on your website or other marketing material is a passive exercise and can become a fantastic excuse for not actively selling.

So go out there and sell something!



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