Want to become a better persuader?Power-Achievement-Affiliation

Well you can’t. Persuade anyone to do anything, that is. What you can master is demonstrating why it’s in their best interest to go along with you.

At our core we’re all skin bags of emotion. We may pretend to make “logical” decisions, but ultimately that never happens. We make decisions based on emotion and justify them with logic.

Put into a marketing and selling context there are only two things that motivate us to buy. Fear of loss (missing out) and Greed or Gain (aspiration).

Every purchasing decision is triggered by moving away from something you don’t want (Fear) and the promise of pleasure (Gain).

Those of you familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) would know unconscious “meta-programs” drive our behaviour.

One of the most powerful buying motivators is the Power/Status, Achievement, Affiliation unconscious driver.

Know anyone who’s into status? They love owning really expensive things which demonstrate their success. Or they could be after power and the feelings of superiority and status it confers.

You can spot them by the expensive cars, yachts, handbags, homes and dare I say it, trophy wives.

If marketing to this crowd play to their sense of superiority. That buying your product puts them into an exclusive club. No riffraff allowed.

Then there are the high achievers. Driven to succeed. They may rise to the top of their profession or climb the mountain. They thrive on overcoming challenges. The bigger the better.

If marketing to them emphasise the challenge and then status of achieving it.

And then there’s the need to be liked. We all want to belong or affiliate with our tribe. Join the fan club. Be part of the inner crowd.

Apple’s marketing caters to all three drivers.

Their products are expensive and well designed (status), you must have some level of success to afford one (achievement) and they have rabid fans and have created a tribe (affiliation). You’re either in the club or not.

Humans are complex. None of these drivers work in isolation.

You may be driven to Achieve to gain Status and Accolades (being liked).

Or you may grab Power and control so you can Achieve your goals.

Delving deeper, we all move towards pleasure and away from pain.

You could hate the thought of not having status so you’ll do anything to get it. Or the dread of failure drives you to success. And many people will do anything to be liked.

When dealing with an individual it’s critical you figure out which way they lean. Nothing irritates a positive leaning person more than harping on negatives.

However, in marketing copy you need to cater to both as you don’t know who’s reading it.

Understanding your market and why they buy is critical to your ongoing success.

How do your products or services help your customers gain status, achieve their goals and have better relationships or avoid the negatives of not having any of these?

Like to know more about how to determine these motivation styles and buying criteria?

And how to incorporate these into your marketing collateral?

It’s an area we cover in our advanced marketing and selling programs. Call me on 0414-913-334 for more details.

I’ll leave you with this parting thought.

Which combination of drivers motivate you? And equally importantly, if you have partners and/or staff, what are their motivations? Get it right and you’ll have an engaged team. Wrong and I guarantee you’re losing out.

Want help figuring it out? Call us.

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