There’s a huge difference between theory and implementation. Especially when it comes to dealing with people.

Moving into sales roles, I read tons of books. Went to courses. Studied persuasion techniques and behavioural science.

But people aren’t theoretical. We each respond uniquely – so experience is a major teacher.

It’s the same with leadership – you can learn any amount of theory – but it’s doing that teaches us what really works – and nothing works for everyone.

Having said that there are foundational principles that can be learned and applied.

When working with clients we work on two levels. Foundations and implementation.

Why? It’s akin to building your house on rock or sand.

Starting with leadership – Getting your strategy right. Organisational culture, accountabilities and ensuring you have the right people.

Sales – How to position yourself as a go-to vendor.

Delivery – Capturing your IP – Making delivery quality consistent.

Then implementing, testing and improving so you become more efficient and effective in each sphere leading to a multiplier effect. You become more profitable, in less time and achieve a better lifestyle for all concerned.

However, it’s often difficult to do this alone. It’s often hard to be objective when working in the business.

An external set of eyes and sounding board will help you gain clarity and confidence moving forward.

Take advantage of my experience – I can steer you in what works, mitigating your risks.

Reach out for a confidential discussion.

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