Many businesses don’t have a clear concise message.  And can’t identify a market segment who will resonate with what they have to offer.

One of the hardest lessons to learn in professional consulting is to niche down your message and the market you serve.

I’m sure you have lots of expertise and can serve lots of different types of clients.  However putting this out into your market risks you spreading yourself too thin.  You’ll be a jack of all trades and your potential clients won’t be able to categorize you.  And a confused prospect doesn’t buy.

Being crystal clear on exactly what you do, who for and how you make money are the cornerstones of your business success.

So my strong advice is to pick one major problem you solve for a specific market.  Which gets your clients one specific outcome.

Today we’ll review the “What you do – Problems | Outcomes” side of the Demand Triangle.

We buy to either get rid of a problem or get some outcome we really want.

You must know your market really well so you can identify their problems and the outcomes they want.

Always look through your client’s eyes.

Walk a mile in their shoes.  What are they worried about?  What keeps them up at night?  What do they want to achieve?

Develop a deep compassion and understanding of them, their hopes and desires.

How can you solve specific issues they’re facing?

Be specific.  Narrow it down.

If there was only one thing they really, really want from you what would that be?

What’s the value you provide?

Think in left and right brain terms.

Left brain terms offer tangible and quantifiable results.  For example you can reduce their costs by X% in Y timeframe.

Right brain results are emotional and visceral.  There’s an emotional payoff.   How will they feel when they get the outcome.  If production improves they’ll be recognised as the hero.  Status and promotion follows.

Ask your clients.  Do they give the same weight to the value you provide?  Is there something else they want which you haven’t thought of?

When working with our clients we use our Product & Market Alignment Canvas to not only validate our assumptions, but create new opportunities for growth.

If you’re looking to grow and would like unbiased advice, give us a call.  We’ll put together a strategy which will help you increase revenue and profitability.

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